Friday, April 13, 2012

Longing for a talk

Life is dead around me if I've got to say
Can't figure out what is wrong today
Though I look healthy and unperturbed
My mind is extremely disturbed

Wondering what is troubling me
My thoughts keep wandering at some place
Weary of the sad sea around me
I am desperate for time to race

Employing my mind in variety of things
My pastimes are just but couple of things
Those are the only few gems I own
Too scared to lose them when I am alone

I know you are out there
I beg you to come back from somewhere
To talk with me once or even twice
Or a million times to make my head rise

Without you, I thought there is nothing awry
Everything was pretty usual until this moment
When I went numb to admire the star filled sky
Too late to realize I am already in predicament

I know you won't keep me waiting for long
Because you know I am weak by mind and heart
Fill me with sweet songs until I sing along
To prevent me from tearing myself apart

Don't think of me as a selfish guy
Like a guy seeking you when he needs you
Please don't see me by that painful eye
Trust me darling that's not true

You should know why I yearn for you
Not only to talk to me or to be by my side
Only because you understood me well as I grew
Where no other could have known me better inside

I am stranded in solitude unable to defend
Don't be late sweetheart, time is hard to spend
A hearty "Hi" from you will suffice
To stop me from being unwise

I am asking nothing more of you
Just a few moments to talk with you
Come and make me my day
Before it passes by as just another day
Save my mind before it gets swirled
And make me adore the beauty of this world