Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A for Anna Hazare

A for Anna Hazare - a more perfect title could not be thought of. I am seeing a revolution in the making. The events  happening now in India are no less than what is depicted the movie: V for Vendetta.
Remember, remember
The fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
This quote was said in 1605. It was during religious movement in Britain. In India, the movement started on 15th of August 2011 for a noble cause of eradicating corruption. Anna fights with the system to make Jan Lokpal bill to go live. Well, he is not alone, but he is followed by millions of frustrated Indians who are desperate to witness the change. Its remarkable to see one old man standing very firmly without any fear against the Government. I must highlight few facts about this great personality.
  1. He served Indian Army as a bus driver. All his comrades were killed in war in 1965. It was a narrow escape for him from a bullet that was aimed at his head. Then, he understood the meaning of life & death. He considered himself dead from that point on and he decided to begin serving mankind in a most dedicated manner.
  2. He is never married. Though he has brothers, he stays alone in a small room attached to a Temple. He has Rs.1500.00 in his bank account. His only income is pension which is received from Indian army.
  3. He made a totally self reliant village: Ralegan Siddhi. He brought in education, removed social evil - untouchability, prohibited alcohol in the village and started a Grain Bank to provide food security for the farmers.
  4. His anti corruption movement started way back in 1991 against Government of Maharashtra.To know more about his activism, visit this page: Anna Hazare
Having all these noble characteristics, some political parties are spreading stupid messages: Anna is himself corrupt. These party people are not at all bold enough to face this man. Firstly because, they are corrupt to such a high level that they cannot forgive themselves. Secondly because, now the whole nation is against them. Its really a shame to see the government is failing to act and letting Anna continue his fast!
People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.
Coming back to the movie, V fights against the system, backed by all citizens, for similar causes and creates a revolution. V sacrifices his life in the end. The system is unable to bear the intensity and pressure created by people. Ultimately, the Government crumbles down. This is exactly what will happen in India if it does not  fulfill Anna's demands. I believe in Anna and he will be victorious. I think the day like the 5th of November for India will be marked very soon and it will be commemorated by every Indian. Its just a matter of time. At the same time, I don't want to see Anna sacrifice his life for this cause. Otherwise, the Government should be ready to face catastrophe. It is now or never! I salute to Anna Hazare and to all the citizens of India who are fighting against corruption. Jai Hind!
A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having. We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught. He can be killed and forgotten. But four hundred years later an idea can still change the world. 
Here is the high level picture on what Jan Lokpal Bill can do if it is applied. This information is what I have got by an e-mail sent to me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The other side of Mahabharata

101 Kauravas - good figure; but only one female child: Dhushala - not fair. This thought triggered me to think about the great Indian epic when I was travelling for work. Out of 101 Kauravas, I remembered my mother sharing her bit of knowledge, most of their names start with "Dhu". Well she is not fully correct on this but,  its really surprising to know Saint Vyaasa was able to think 101 names in a family! If you are interested to know the names, here is the list: Kauravas

During my childhood, I used to listen to the stories of Pandavas. I came to know about their bravery, their self respect and respect to humanity, and all other characteristics about each one of them. When I read the the epic few months ago, I was unhappy with some characters being portrayed. For example, take Shantanu - the great grandfather of Pandavas & Kauravas. Despite his great qualities of honesty, bravery and capability to rule a huge kingdom, he was a womanizer.  He was not even satisfied when he and Ganga gave birth to his eighth son - Bhishma. He in turn falls in love with Satyavathi, a daughter of a fisherman, marries her and has two more children. God! this is the limit. And yet, this character is of great importance. Its a fact that some attributes of parents are inherited by children, but by what measure? Arjuna broke all the records set by Shantanu. He got married four times and had at least one kid with each of his wives. He may be having noble qualities, but having such a list of marital relationships raises questions on his character! On a funny side of the matter, I appreciate Bheema, who had only one extramarital affair with Hidimbi, They produced a warrior - Ghatotkacha. Among the five Pandavas, I believe in Yudhistir - a noble man; honest, obedient and a strict follower of Dharma. Marital affairs of Arjuna

Shakuni - The bad guy of bad guys! But, I believe he is the good guy. I know he is the master mind behind war of Kurukshetra. I don't know how many of you know, but as a matter of fact, he was against Kauravas. He could not digest the bitter truth that his sister - Gandhari is married to a blind man. Dhritarashtra, on the other hand, destroyed Gandhari's family when he learned he is her second husband. This enraged Shakuni and he came up with a clever plan. He knew well in advance that Pandavas will be victorious. So, he added more fuel to fire to make the war happen. Read more

During the war, I suppose everyone knows the live feed by Vidur(Sanjay) to Dhritarashtra. Vidur was most respected as an advisor by the Pandavas whom he forewarned on various occasions of Duryodhana's plots to exterminate them. Krishna respected him for his devotion to the people's welfare and his proficiency in every sphere of knowledge. Now, how could Saint Vyaasa imagined the live telecast ages before existence of TVs, video cameras and satellite communication? All these techno stuff came into being only in the late 1900s. This is what I call incredible foresight!

What I most liked about the epic is, at the end of it, no one is spared if he has committed crimes. No escape from sins - not even the great politician Krishna is forgiven. He might have played smart in political games against Kauravas or even exploited their weakness, but all are sins according to Dharma. The only verdict is death - whoever he may be!

The stories in it are so peculiar that I believe each of instances described in it happen in everyone's lives in one form or the other. And it also teaches how to face difficult situations and solve them. I also believe all  the situations covered in this epic take place from a man's birth till his death in one form or the other. Its not only an epic, but a lesson of life. Haa, that's all I have to say about this eternal epic. What are your thoughts about this which made you feel different?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stay Out!

It was yet another Sunday afternoon, she looked steaming hot and absolutely delightful. By the way, she was very red - an absolute pleasure to my eyes. She was introduced to me as Ms. K by Mr. R. We became very quick friends and I fell in love with her in minutes! She was very charming.

I introduced Ms. K to my secretaries; Mr. T and Ms. S. These guys took great care of me since my birth. They always ensured my well being. So, I consider these people as the  most trustworthy people of my life. On escorting Ms. K to my home, Mr. T soothingly said to me "She is wonderful! Very good sir!". I was very glad that he approved of her. But when she met Ms. S, both exchanged spiteful glances at each other. I know, women won't do well with each other when a handsome guy like me is around them. I had the feeling that all they both need is time, to sort out things between themselves, and then everything will be just fine.

After dinner, I was lying on my bed working on my laptop, I heard heated arguments between Ms. S and Ms. K. I tried to take control of the situation. I even tried to understand what the matter was. All Ms. S said was "She does not belong here. She is unacceptable! I will throw her out!" I began sweating like anything. I tried to convince Ms. K very much, but I lost to her every time, because she is logically right all the time. I didn't know what to do. Soon, both women started to fight with swords and pistols. I was really feeling very uncomfortable and uneasy.

It was time to call in my external agent Mr. B. He has tremendous experience in handling such things incredibly well. He always comes to my help to clean up the mess. He wasted no time in acting swiftly. Meanwhile, I went to the restroom to freshen up. Soon, I realized that, it was not cease fire or settlement between the two women, but as a matter of fact, Ms. S had actually won the fight! Ms. K looked shamefully ugly and her hands were cuffed. Ms. S kicked me in the bottom and demanded; "Show her the way out and moving on, don't trouble me like this by letting such people in! I won't tolerate such things! Do I make myself clear?". I had no other choice but to agree with her, "Yes ma'am, you're perfectly clear."

I had very nice sleep later that night. I remembered the last words by Ms. S. I know, I will forget these words after few weeks.
*    *    *
Ms. K - The very hot and spicy, Veg. Kolhapuri
Mr. R - Roti
Mr. T - My tongue
Ms. S - My very own stomach
Mr. B - Banana