Sunday, July 25, 2021

But One Day

But One Day

"Raise your arms, now your chin,
Then close your eyes and your mouth,"
I said giving a bath to my naughty little boy.
The joy of experiencing such a thing:
The way he responded to my requests
Overpowered me until I took a deep breath,
I realized with a drop of sadness and fading smile
That it wouldn't last forever, but one day.

When he returned home after earning his graduation, 
I couldn't be more proud of what he had achieved
Until with a bag of mixed feelings, I heard him say,
"I'll take it from here," only to figure out that
My boy is a grown-up now, but one day.

The long walk along the country side
With the help of my cane,
Soaking in the sight of birds returning
To their abodes against the backdrop of
Lush green hills along the water stream: 
I indulge myself in such delightful spectacles
Reminiscing about my boy once I carried in my arms -

Until I felt a sudden grab on my shoulder
For my leg slipped and I was about to fall forward.
Then I glanced at the man with gray hair giving me
An assuring nod and my fading smile returned to life.
It is all but a dream that will come true; but one day.

July 25, 2021

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Our Mother

Our Great Mother

Her patience is immeasurable,
Her tolerance - unimaginable.
And yet, she feels burdened
While her patience runs out.
To ease herself, to save her spine,
And to save most of her children,
She forsakes a few of them
With thunder bolts of death,
Warning the rest with fury
Without showing the grief
Withheld in her eyes.
She is, my people,
Our Great Mother,

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Childhood's End

Childhood's End

A heartfelt laughter for the silliest
Of things from a child's lips
Is like adoring a blooming flower.
It is undoubtedly a celestial form
Of God from the Heavens above.

When the same laughter for the tiniest
Of things from a grown-up is indisputably
Smeared with contrived mockery,
Again with a laughter suppressed by the lips.

The joy of childhood is not just
A seed of innocence planted at birth,
But it is in the virtue of living by it
Instead of shying away from it.

The easiness of simplicity is made
Uneasy by the complexity of smugness.
It is the malice that spreads depravity
Until decadence is established as an ideal.

Innocence is the freedom to be naïve,
But willing to taste the nectar of pristine
Life all around us; but not scathing it
By wearing a crown of ignorance.

The idiocy of petty fights to win over
The balance instituted by natural order
Is argued instead of dismissing it
For glorious abuses and selfish exploits.

Instead of chewing the gift of present,
The known past and the unknown future
Stir up distress in the unconscious smile,
Even though it is the symbol of serenity.

The pretense of adulthood is a vermin
Of misery and despair to innocence;
Sadly it is nourished to a thriving child
Until the virtue is lost into oblivion.

There is a child in each one of us;
Why is it lost in the journey through time?
Aren't we all the children of God?
Aren't we all?

May 27, 2021

Monday, December 28, 2020



The doors of my mind opened
For the thoughts to wander about
The fields aided by my eyes
To admire the lush green tapestry
In a hope to make something up
For indulging in a poetic endeavor.
But I got lost in contemplation
About trivial matters triggered by
A spell in the subconsciousness
And I brooded over it now and again
Eating away all my valuable time.

Just then I felt a gentle squeeze
On my forefinger jolting me out
Of my useless and unworthy musing.
I looked down towards my kid
Whose eager little eyes pleaded
Me to carry him in my arms.
Feeling ashamed at myself,
My impulse prompted me to
Honor it with pity in my heart
Wearing a rueful smile, for there
Is no delight greater than this.

December 25, 2020

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Rendezvous With Nature

Rendezvous With Nature

The stream of words
Trickles from my mind
With no intention of
Making me conscious
Of the fact that I am
All alone in this world.
This feeling of great relief
Prospers when the draughts of
Fresh air is felt in my lungs
While my eyes relish
The spectacular view of
A calm lake on one side and
Vast paddy fields on the other.
Against the backdrop of
The setting sun, it looks like
A lush green carpet laid down
For the Gods to rest.

The long stroll on the lakeside path
Did not weaken my strength,
Nor did it cease to amaze me
As I gradually steered across
The farm of betel nut trees
Swaying with joy against
The cool evening breeze.
It is then I saw a pair of
Hornbills stealing the nuts.
When they caught me staring at them,
It was a magnificent sight
To watch them flap their wings
And fly away to the next farm.

The treasure cove of pleasure
Lies in such beauties of nature
Planted within man's reach.
It can be experienced only by
Training the senses to admire
The divinity of spiritual essence;
For life is truly untangled
When it is filled with tiny joys
That define simplicity.

September 30, 2020