Thursday, July 14, 2022



To the seeker of truth,
Wake up from your dream;
The dream of false reality
Staged by your senses.
Wake up from your slumber;
The slumber of dreaming
With your eyes closed.
Free your mind,
Let go of the veil of illusion;
The illusion painted by
Your worthless ego.
The ego has blinded you and
Obscured the vision of reality.
Lose yourself; shed everything
That you think you have
To know that you have nothing.
Look inside yourself to learn
And realize that what you
See, hear, touch, taste,
Think and feel is one big lie.
Unlearn that this life is permanent
And learn about its fickle nature.
Let your thoughts transcend
Beyond the realm of your body
And discover that your soul
Is no different than
The Spirit of The Universe;
Where life comes and goes
Round and round in an endless cycle.
Believe that only this knowledge 
Of Self-realization is permanent.
Become aware that you are
An indivisible speck of dust
Within the infinite universe.
Still the mind; stop its clamor
From grief and desires.
Accept that you are nothing
And yet you are everything
Both within and without.
Even with your eyes wide open,
Pure consciousness pervading the cosmos
Since the beginning of time
Will be enlightened within you
To experience eternal bliss.
And this is The Ultimate Truth.

July 14, 2022


  1. That looks so very complete in all senses. It's deep, ultimate and forever. Good work, Sir!