Amit Says...


There is no meaning in your life if you don't adore art.

Power Of Truth

Truth is such a powerful weapon that when it is shown, no one dares to face you. All they can do is spread lies behind your back.


It's a playground only if you know how to play.

Never A Lie

I can take "no" for an answer. But I can never take a lie.

Your Thoughts

What you thought I was and what you think I am, has made me what I am now.

My Life My Way

I don't show the world who I really am. A bunch of dear people know it. I am grateful for that. In the world of pretense and lies, I choose to be free rather than being in a prison because I don't care what anyone thinks about me. People come into my life and stay if they are happy or leave if they are not. All I care about is that I am true to myself.

Never Meant For You

No matter how hard you try or be desperate to achieve something, if it's not meant for you, then you will never get it. Maybe because something better is in store for you.

Why waste it?

When you know it's getting wasted, why waste it?


Ideas can't stand alone. They need to be built.


The irony of simplicity is, it is difficult to be simple, difficult to build a simple idea into a masterpiece and even more difficult to come up with this quote!


Everyone has problems. But, within them, it's the small spaces of happiness that we make for ourselves that makes us live in Heaven.


There are certain virtues I follow which are forged by pain and suffering enforced by life upon me. It is this lesson that life taught me that later became the embodiment of wisdom.

Hate Me

Hate me when you can't accept the truth. But don't trust the one who is mocking you at your back.

Holding Onto Something

The harder you try to hold onto something, the easier it will slip away. If it's meant to be, it will be with you.


How closer I am to you depends on how well you treat me.

Wrath Of Silence

Face the wrath of my silence if you are not nice to me.

How is Love Expressed

Love is something which cannot be expressed by words. It is only felt when you give it and receive it.

Wise Men

People often confuse smart-asses with wise men.

Fortitude and Equanimity

Fortitude and Equanimity are the front line weapons that man has to forge for himself.

Talking Well

Just because you talk well doesn't mean you always make sense.

Instead of Mindless Chatter

I felt so much better today when I fed those people with good food who have my compassion instead of killing myself in mindless chatter with shallow people.

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