Friday, May 24, 2019

Modi 2.0 - 2019 And Beyond...

It's a huge victory again for the NDA and Narendra Modi is set to become the Prime Minister for the second term. Being a Modi supporter since 2014, I am ecstatic about this landslide win. It was even overwhelming to see the Congress-led UPA utterly vanquished by the BJP juggernaut. Here is my perspective on why the NDA won this national election easily.

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Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014, he pledged to work for this nation with his motto: "Development and good governance," and the objective for his cabinet ministry was crystal clear: "I need results." So he formed a team of ministers who could progressively drive this country. Each of the ministers went to the grass root level, understood the problems of the people and began fixing them. I am not saying he has fulfilled all the promises. It's not easy to clean up the mess of the previous governments and moreover, it's a herculean task to run a world's largest democratic country. When there was not a single scam against him, people began to trust him. The major steps he took to curb corruption shook the nation. Flowers of confidence began to bloom in the hearts of honest people. But a fire of hatred ignited and raged in the hearts of the corrupt. Initiatives like Swachh Bharat (Clean India), Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, and many more schemes are a super hit as they benefitted everyone. The monetary benefits were directly credited to people's bank accounts without middlemen, who used to misuse their power to exploit the benefits. Then there was a dire need to strengthen national security. He took some bold decisions to improve defense infrastructure and launched non-military preemptive attacks that neutralized terror outfits which made even the world superpowers gasp in surprise. This kind of retaliation was sorely missed after the horrific terrorist attack on Mumbai in 26/11/2008.

This kind of result-driven government showed its citizens that caste-based politics, pseudo secular bureaucracy, etc are all a sham. Before the 2014 elections, political leaders displayed sycophancy just to get votes and be in power. Once they got elected, they used to swallow all the taxpayer's money for their own selfish advantage. People had lost faith and had thus become ignorant. But after 2014, people became responsible citizens and stepped out of their comfortable homes to cast their votes. Narendra Modi, known for his extempore public speaking skills, had successfully planted the seed of faith and restored trust in the hearts of the people by reaching out to them in person from every corner of the nation. He briefed them about various schemes the government had launched, the groundwork that is being done, and how to make use of them. This is how he became the man of the people; the spirit of Bharat. By the time 2019 election was around the corner, people became vigilant. They knew, if they don't act responsibly, the nation will collapse in the hands of incompetent leaders with no objective or vision. In this way, Narendra Modi has set a benchmark in Indian politics. The goal is simple: If you want to be in power, then work for the people from the ground up. That's it. 2019 election has put an end to dynasty politics. It's history now.

Now I want to express a few words about the downside of this election result. It is clear that the parliament house is now one-sided. There is no strong opposition. In my school days, I was taught that the opposition is like a watchdog, overseeing the proceedings of the government. It should provide constructive feedback on the things that are deviating from progress, the issues that are being neglected or sometimes forgotten. Sometimes, it has to support the ruling party to make the nation stronger. The Congress-led UPA, with its members already offering to resign, is not fit to be in opposition. I see this election is an end of the Congress party. There is already news that its party president may resign. Even though BJP-led NDA has an impressive image, it needs a strong opposition on the floor of the house. Only then it will be called democracy. I really hope a new party or an existing party makes a fresh start and challenge the government for the growth of New India.

I am eager to witness some more development initiatives and pleasant surprises in Modi 2.0.

Jai Hind!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

In Love With The Dark

This is a verse I came up with last night when I was in bed.

In Love With The Dark

Being in the light -
I don't get sleep
Even if I want to!
Or I see many faces
Which I don't want to!
It allows unnecessary focus
That is uncalled for;
Making my soul go sore!

But then, there is darkness -
Waiting for a warm hug in its bosom.
It engulfs me like a blanket,
Without needing a real one.
It keeps me nice and warm,
Mesmerizing me to sleep,
Making me oblivious to
The unending stream of
Irksome thoughts and memories.
It never lets me down;
Never letting the world know
That I am around, in some corner,
Shielding my soul from the misery
All around.

May 5, 2019