Saturday, December 1, 2018

Smile Of Surrender

Smile Of Surrender

The words of pain
Flow so eloquently
Through my pen.
It seems as if my life
Knows only sorrow.
The ink that's flowing
On the parchment
Made of my own skin,
Is my blood dripping
Out of the holes inflicted
By unhealed wounds.

Trapped in a cave,
Filled with vacuum -
Like a black hole
Where even the light
Doesn't pass through -
Is my joy just sitting
Hopelessly in a corner.
It is just a hazy dream
I had to recall
For the sake of penning
This dreadful verse.
Because I don't know
What it used to feel like.
I have forgotten
The meaning of joy.
It has forbidden me to taste
The sweet flavor of bliss
As it turned sly against me.
So I am cursed not to
Deserve happiness.

The grief towering
Over me and casting
A shadow every moment
Is sucking my life
Out in utter darkness.
I have resolved to
Believe that this pain
Is my new found
Embracing it has been
So much better
For my feelings are
Turning numb towards
This great sorrow,
Leaving me in a
Tearful smile of

Oct 24, 2018