Saturday, April 22, 2017



I am not sure why
I feel so disconnected sometimes.
Disengaged from the world I live in.
But I want someone to understand that.

I will not ask anyone to help me
But I want to have a conversation
About the longings that crop up
During the late evenings of the day
And... get lost in it.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"
"Someone talk with me, please."
My inner voice screams.

Unfortunately, no one is around
Because it's 3 a.m. I don't like to sleep
So I can't help feeling dejected about myself
And disappointed in everyone else.
"Goodnight, world." I say,
and keep rolling in my bed.

Feb  2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Being Grateful

Be grateful to all the difficult people in life.
They teach what exactly you don't want to be.
The more you get hurt,
The more you learn how not to hurt others.
Don't be sad if they don't understand
Your feelings of love and kindness.
They never will.
Yes, it hurts; sometimes, terribly!
Don't fret that you can't help yourself
Because they never change.
And don't take such things to the heart.
Take a deep breath; stay calm;
Let your mind take control.

Here is the best thing to do:
First keep all those people at bay;
Let go of the past, look ahead and move on.
Then you will make peace with yourself.
Pain is temporary, but when you read it between the lines,
It will make you wise for the rest of your life.

Always remind yourself:
That there is a whole life ahead of you,
That's waiting for you to fill it up with the things
You love and cherish.
Don't get it wasted!
October 30, 2016