Sunday, July 25, 2021

But One Day

But One Day

"Raise your arms, now your chin,
Then close your eyes and your mouth,"
I said giving a bath to my naughty little boy.
The joy of experiencing such a thing:
The way he responded to my requests
Overpowered me until I took a deep breath,
I realized with a drop of sadness and fading smile
That it wouldn't last forever, but one day.

When he returned home after earning his graduation, 
I couldn't be more proud of what he had achieved
Until with a bag of mixed feelings, I heard him say,
"I'll take it from here," only to figure out that
My boy is a grown-up now, but one day.

The long walk along the country side
With the help of my cane,
Soaking in the sight of birds returning
To their abodes against the backdrop of
Lush green hills along the water stream: 
I indulge myself in such delightful spectacles
Reminiscing about my boy once I carried in my arms -

Until I felt a sudden grab on my shoulder
For my leg slipped and I was about to fall forward.
Then I glanced at the man with gray hair giving me
An assuring nod and my fading smile returned to life.
It is all but a dream that will come true; but one day.

July 25, 2021