Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Me and Nature


Am I lost in eternity?
Or am I still here?
The nature keeps teasing me
With its spellbinding beauty everywhere

I see only greenery surrounding me
Giving healing comfort to my eyes
I see mists floating around me
Breathing in fresh air letting me fly by

I see streams of water flowing down the hills
Mesmerizing my eyes to see it as milk
So clear, so pure and vibrant in my palm
Felt like holy water rushing through my arms

I long to be here with you always
I don't want to go back to the city
Where heartless people are living without mercy
While your harmony is being washed away


Leave me alone as I am
My offerings are priceless to you
I will serve you selflessly wherever I am
To keep you with me happily glued

When you spoil my dwelling here
For your temporary happiness
Then you force my helplessness
To become violent and make you disappear

Don't be sorry for what you've done now
Endeavor to put me back in shape
Its never too late to take a noble vow
To save me and earth from your own race

Monday, August 6, 2012

India at Olympics

I couldn't sleep last night when it was the fourth consecutive loss for Indian Hockey team at London Olympics 2012. It is such a shame to us. Being the second most populous nation in the world, India has only won three medals in total till now. The other day when me and my brother were having a chat while watching Olympics on TV, we watched how the Indian lost in the quarter finals of Men's Singles Badminton tournament. No doubt he struggled very hard and gave a tough fight to the opponent. I don't know whether it was his bad luck, but he played against the World #1.

It no where means India doesn't have talent. But the players lack encouragement and motivation. Look at the Chinese; their sole motive is "I am playing for my country" and the country along with its Government supports them. Just imagine, in the finals of Women's Singles Badminton Tournament, both players were Chinese. What does this mean? China took away both Gold and Silver medals irrespective of who the winner was. I guess that's not happening in India. Indian players are not getting proper support in terms of infrastructure and funding. Most of us only care about Cricket. In Cricket, there are hardly 16 nations to compete with and beating them with timely effort is no big deal. Moreover BCCI is the richest Cricket board in the world. It is self sufficient. It doesn't have to depend on the Indian government. Not to forget, Indian cricketers, apart from their lump sum salary, are getting huge endorsements from various international brands. They can survive without BCCI for the rest of their lives.

Now look at the irony; decide which is a greater achievement: to win against 16 teams in Cricket or to win against 205 countries having 300 events in Olympics? The numbers will give you the answer. I am not saying India should participate in all events. Learn from China. It is using its population in an effective way.  Concentrate only on games which we are good at and prepare so well that we must be undisputed in these events. Here is another irony. Look at Michael Phelps of USA. He won 22 medals in swimming alone all by himself at Olympics. India has won a total of 23 medals in the history of Olympics. I just couldn't digest this! Here is what I think needs to be done. India should focus on 5-6 events like badminton, shooting, table tennis, archery, wrestling and boxing. Fund the players in these categories so that they don't have to worry about their livelihood and tell them: "Here is the deal: your job in the next four years is nothing but to become invincible in your game and win championship medals at Olympics." This is how China is now at the top and they have proved it. Also, past players should  not be allowed to be idle and enjoy their retirement benefits. They are required to train upcoming players who are potential winners. The central government may be providing enough funds to the players, but it may not be reaching the payers when its travelling from the top. Our national leaders also need to broaden their minds. When these leaders can present crores of Rupees as prize money and 5-star facilities to every Cricket player who played in World Cup tournament, can they not do the same thing for our Olympians? They should stop being selfish about making money. Most of us know everything boils down to corruption. Provide funds and facilities directly to the players instead through bureaucracy. The sole objective is about making India proud and to have a foresight to see India as a cut above the rest of the world. And we need achieve it no matter what it takes.

It takes time to plan these things. China had a vision: In 10 years, we will be champions at Olympics. They believed the glory in sports will spark motivation in other fields like technology, infrastructure, etc which  are indispensable in bringing up the entire nation. Above all, determination and dedication backed by will power is required in every citizen which will give the confidence that no big achievement is impossible to achieve. Honestly, since India's Cricket World Cup win in 2011, I am sick of watching Cricket. Its a surprising feeling to watch so many different sporting events which I was totally unaware of that's broadening my knowledge about the world of sports. Trust me they are much exciting to watch compared to Cricket. It is with despair I wrote this article  thinking about how pathetic situation in India really is. Encouragement and equal priority for other sports is a must. It is malfunctioning of national leadership which is leaving players devastated. Every country has its own problems. But, I believe there are more problems in India that no one could possibly imagine.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Fountainhead

First things first: I think this book is a must read for every living human on this planet. When you read this book, you will certainly feel the pride of just being yourself. You will do what you love for your own happiness in a selfless way. You will admire yourself for what you are. Then you won't care how society treats you because you just believe what you are made up of and you have your way your way to fight it.

To brief about the book, Rand has taken individualism, originality, collectivism, selfishness, ego and power, which are considered pillars of philosophy, as characters and built a brilliant story that connects these elements. Essentially the story revolves around a man: Howard Roark. A college drop out and a visionary architect, who endures in a city infested with socialists. He always desires to come up with his own original design for buildings with his own rules. He despises up coming architectures with same old standards or conventions. Instead, with his modern and insightful thinking, he is destined to design buildings which will have their own integrity. Honestly, I found a part of Howard Roark within me. I can't reveal many things about this book because if I do, I am simply brutally killing the very essence of it. But what I can certainly say is whenever Roark appears in any context of the novel, you will be the happiest and the most excited person on earth! The first 30 pages are enough to get you going. By then you would have taken a vow to finish reading this book no matter what it takes!

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

My mind got twisted when I began reading about philosophies of characters: Dominique Francon and Gail Waynand. It takes a lot of patience to understand their minds. And, I did not not read those passages just for the sake of it. It made me go back, then read slowly and try to digest the thoughts surrounding it. This is the point when one feels the story is drifting away from its plot, but rejoins the main track again. You will also find out clear evidences about controversial aspects of the story. The last part of the novel is only about Roark which takes off in fine elegance. The climax is simply mind blowing. It is something that no one expects a man can do to prove his point. The final speech he makes in the court room is overwhelming.

I have bookmarked most of the pages where I can go back and read them whenever I want to get fueled by power to keep going with the things I like to do. It gives out a very strong message loaded with power that will boost your confidence to a tremendous degree. I have heard many people use this book as a bible. Right, so I got is book as a gift from my previous company co-workers as a sign of good will. I am really grateful these people. It came as a part of two-in-one box set. The other book is Atlas Shrugged by the same author. Although this is my first read on philosophy, I consider this book as a literary masterpiece. It won't be a surprise if you stop following other books/novels in this genre once you are done reading The Fountainhead.

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