Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

What made me to choose this novel is that it is listed on the "must read" books of all time. And frankly, it didn't disappoint me. The story takes place in Maycomb county of Alabama. The beauty of the book is, it is narrated by an eight year old tomboy, Jean Lousie "Scout" Finch, as she sees the world around her through her eyes. Each chapter is an episode which tells a moral story with utmost innocence; each episode tells an important lesson of life in a her voice. Its worth noticing the transition from one chapter to the next - absolutely seamless! As its main story line, the novel discusses about one the most sensitive issues of American society: racism. The subject is described so delicately that, rather than being sad, you feel pity about it. The central character is Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch, the girl's father, is one of the most ideal personalities that I have ever seen in literature. He is perfectly calm, rational and an extremely warm-hearted person. He is a father who teaches his children as they face life ahead of them.

There is a mysterious villain haunting the county: Boo Radley of The Radley Place, who makes a brief appearance at the end the story. What's contrasting about him is that he is tainted by rumors all along. In reality, he has a different side of himself. Apart from him, there is a bunch of other characters, namely: Summer Dill - the kid from Meridian, Mississippi, who visits Maycomb during Summer holidays, Calpurnia - the housemaid, Miss Stephanie Crawford - the gossip woman, Mrs. Maudie Atkinson, Aunt Alexandra, the Cunninghams, the Ewells and few others who gracefully constitute Maycomb neighborhood. All of them have their own peculiarities. For instance, Aunt Alexandra is always concerned about her niece and nephew. She worries about how Scout is brought up and when she starts being like a lady. Once you get acquainted to all these people, you will be part of Maycomb.

Now about the title of the book, if you read the book carefully, you will come to know who the mockingbird is. You will understand it is a great sin to kill a mockingbird. Overall, it's a fun read. It made me chuckle from time to time. The entire novel upholds innocence and humility. I have heard that the movie adaptation (1962) is also good and lives up to the expectation. I will certainly watch it.

A still from the movie

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Crippled World

With enormous fortune to breed
A puppet is elected to lead
Having enough roots to bear
Growing deeper into the earth
Impossible to pull it away

Now watch the entire state burn,
Witness the horror of
Broken pieces of power
The suffering of helpless innocents is relished
Lips are permanently stitched and sealed forever
When a silent cry against oppression is heard

Time moves forward only to bring change,
That time is not too far
Gallons of boiling blood can't be kept
Sealed in closed barrels for long

A never seen before
Volcano - so violent -
Will erupt one day
Thick somber clouds of smoke
Cover the entire sky,
Making way for everlasting darkness
The river of fiery lava floods all over,
And the blaze of fury burns all the
Unworthy pests to cinder,
To establish order from chaos
Thus dawns a new era of
Freedom from decadence

July 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Unheard Silence

The rays splintered the clouds lighting up the sky,
White pearls are seen shimmering on distant tides,
The sun is rising slowly sneaking up like a spy;
A heavenly spectacle for hundreds of eager eyes.

There came a man sprinting along the seashore,
Extremely apathetic towards this marvelous sight.
Stopping short, he began thinking about his life before -
The tears started to trickle down his face, shining bright.

Life was beautiful until it abruptly came to a dead-end,
Unaware of the strange silence which had been growing,
The days which passed on like ages, were hard to spend
Without a word from his love, left him in tearful longing.

The long-lasting quest for his lost love was fruitless,
It only brought back fond memories of their hearts -
Beating together as one, without a speck of darkness;
Although they were more than a thousand miles apart.

Anger took control and made him insanely confused -
When he searched for answers and didn't find any clues.
"Where did it all go wrong?" he cried, with a raging temper.
"I don't know." his heart said, with a trembling whisper.

The loneliness had crushed the heart he owned;
Which was never felt when his mind was all alone.
Never had he sensed before, this intense need of care -
Until his heart had a place for a dear one out there.

Not only was this sound of silence was never heard before,
But also the gloomy undertone of being completely ignored.
As time flew by, his mind got lost in the barren desert -
Unable to savor joy; unrequited love left him badly hurt.

Sinking in painful thoughts, his mind began to groan,
Yet he stood firm staring at the sea without a cry.
While the heart was burdened by the unknown,
Reminding him of his love and its unspoken goodbye.

He kept looking at the sun rising out of the billows,
Illuminating his tears which relentlessly flowed;
They reflect my soul; as I watch a boat far away,
I hope that my eternal silence will be heard one day.

July 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson

Here it is: yet another great story of adventure! A fun filled, action packed plot which I am sure children will love it! Yes, I said children; because had I read this when I was a kid, I would have found it amazing! I came across a lot of "Aye! Aye! Cap'n". Oh yes! This story has pirates - lots of them! You will certainly learn the way of the pirates, what happens before the mast and also the most commonly used words, especially Jolly Roger and Davy Jones. I loved the character of Long John Silver. His ways of switching sides between the good & the bad with his infamous quote: "You may lay to that!" Now don't be surprised if this book reminded me of the film series Pirates of the Caribbean. Because it certainly did! It reminded of Cap'n Jack Sparrow and his shipmates. So, there you have it. It is a free public domain book. Grab yourself a copy and have an enjoyable read!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On the Asylum show yet again!

Yay! I will be featured yet again on the Asylum show yet again tonight. This time, Ken will be doing the spoken word of my poems. It came as a pleasant surprise to me when he tagged me in tonight's show announcement on Facebook. I am thankful to him for his encouragement and support! I am sure you will also enjoy great poetry by my fellow poet friends Zo-Alonzo and Wendy Smale, and awesome music by few great artists! This show is certainly a platform to showcase talents from all over the world! Way yo to go Ken!

Tune in to WiStle Radio 102.7 FM tonight (that is on Tuesday, 9PM EST). Click here to know your time zone. 

See you on the show! Cheers!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Walk in the Meadows

From a deep and dark hole, I rose to elope,
Stepping out with a great sense of new hope.
I finally walked out of the gloomy shadows,
Relishing the incense of freedom in the meadows.

Up above, a dark blanket swept the sky,
Why isn't there a moon, or a star to be seen?
A gush of memories flooded my inner eye,
I discovered about my life; how it had been.

I saw a mother sitting all alone, heartbroken;
Silent tears seeped in the memory of her lost son,
While staring blankly towards the endless horizon,
She lamented the loss of her beloved husband.

A revelation struck me like a deadly disease:
I walked through walls and closed doors freely,
Like a departed soul which did not rest in peace.
I am a ghost, one among them, flying over me.

All alone, I lingered on empty streets for many days,
Without even being able to feel the touch of dust.
I still thank the Supreme One who opened the ways
For me; I finally said goodbye to the love I trust.

As my warm wishes to her were lost in the echoes,
I remember it happened in these very meadows.
Death had caught me at the end of a bitter brawl,
While I was saving a soul - dearest of them all.

I felt a tender touch of fingers, trying to hold my hand,
Such a delightful sight! My eyes could barely withstand.
It was my son; I held him up and embraced him warmly,
He managed to smile and fondly called me: "Daddy!"

June 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Hobby - My Passionate Thoughts

Hobbies are meant to unleash inner self, to provide recreation to ourselves and to discover our hidden talents. And I must say - the pleasure they give us - its priceless! A pleasure worth more than anything else. A hobby can also become a passion where you to continue to excel in it. A passion that makes your mind restless and you become desperate to free yourself from your routine.

A routine - what is that? A means to survive. A job at hand which earns you money for your livelihood. A work where your are forced to do irrespective of whether you like it or not. I don't know how many people agree but its a monotonous thing to do no matter how good you are at it. I, being an employee of a company, don't give a damn about my work. Who cares to which company I work for? Or what I do for living? Ultimately what matters at the end of the day is whether salary is credited to my bank account. Because I don't own the company, there is no pride in it. And my employer is only bothered whether I have delivered the goods correctly or not. I have switched companies three times to seek job satisfaction. The meaning of the word "satisfaction" for human beings is not finite. Frankly speaking, six years and I am already sick of seeking it. I got few "Top Performer" awards at work. The happiness lasted only for couple of hours. Then I begin to wonder "What is so special about it? I just did my job. That's all." There is pride where there is heartfelt happiness. And happiness is felt at heart when I do it out of my interest; when my heart is in it.

Well this is not the same with hobby. Not only I own it, I give life to it. I cannot be more happier or prouder than anything. Hobby is the very purpose of my existence and it is the very reason for my birth. I can openly showcase my skill. The pleasure is something really different and overwhelming! The kind of happiness it gives me is no match for any kind of recognition I get for my job at work. This one lasts forever. When the result of my hobby gets recognized and appreciated even by handful number of people, it gives me tremendous joy. Because I know I have put my heart and soul into it to bring it out nice and slick. Even if it doesn't get attention, I can proudly say "This is my child."

Now I don't mean any disrespect for those who are really enjoying their profession. Double thumbs up to them! This reminds me of a quote shared by Joel Goldman - a writer, author and active member of Google+ - which said:
It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together
This quote is so simple and yet it says a lot! I feel all of us must have hobbies. It keeps our minds busy and protects us from drowning. I can never imagine how volatile our minds are! Its possible of doing deadly things if not used constructively or if its not doing anything. There is one more thing that I would like to throw some light on. Based on my personal experiences I have seen that when money starts meddling in any relationship (especially between loved ones - friends, children and parents or relatives) then the relationship will be on a brink of disaster. It won't survive for long. To me, the same rule applies to hobbies. If I decide to make my hobby as my money making machine, then I won't be doing it with interest or passion. Writing is one of my hobbies and I love it. So, if I write for the sake of earning money, my writing might not have the natural ideas I really want to express. I am forcing my brain to work on ideas which aren't original although my heart is reluctant to comply with me. What's the bottom line? I am carelessly insulting my hobby by rating it by money rather than by its integrity. I won't let that happen!

You should see my father. He is crazy about gardening. He treats plants and trees with great love. He  pampers them and nurtures them. You will no doubt find my house extremely beautiful. He is in his 60's now and yet he maintains our garden single handedly. Its not his strength but his passion for gardening that's driving him. My mother hates him for spending more time in the mud hole. Yet she wants our house to be admired by everyone in the neighborhood. How ironic! My mother is into literature. I guess its her blood that is flowing in me.

Well, all these thoughts came to me when I was talking to my friend and he said "You know, you should make money from your blog." I said "No, I don't want price tags attached to it. That will happen only when writing becomes my profession!"

April 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mahabharata by C. Rajagopalachari

I picked this book just to refresh my knowledge about the great Hindu epic. I knew most of the short stories of Mahabharata. But it was unclear to me how they are connected to the main story line. I am at loss of words to say anything about this as its a masterpiece and a milestone in the history of Hinduism which was written ages before civilizations by the great Saint Vyaasa.

The book is an abridged version of the epic. It is the word-to-word translation of the story originally written in a native language of India. The usage of words don't match the context and the sentences are contrived. I felt really sad about this. So, the translation fails miserably! Especially, the characters like Karna, the five Pandavas, Duryodhana and Shakuni are so powerful that the book fails to describe even a small amount of trait about each of them in an impressive manner. The loyalty and generosity of Karna, the evil thoughts of the devious Shakuni, the envy of Duryodhana, the suffering of the Pandavas, the agony of Draupadi, the clever game changing ways of Krishna and the final battle of Kurukshetra - all are poorly detailed! I strongly believe that this book could have been written in a lot better way. This book can only be used as a source to replenish the lost knowledge of Mahabharata. But it won't appeal to a reader like me who has moderate knowledge of English literature.

Further Reading:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soldier Song

All alone in the dark, I am walking
My mind: I know what its thinking
Behind me, someone is lurking
Will I be able to carry this longer?

Step-by-step, I kept on walking
My hands holding it tight - trembling
A fully loaded rifle - brightly shining
I am afraid I can't carry this any longer.

I move on quietly, slowly, tiptoeing
I speak to God, I am earnestly praying
To get rid of this anxiety I am carrying
Why is the world fueling "hate" fever?

The world I knew was never like this
For those juvenile eyes, everything was bliss
Once so calm, why is the world now so amiss?
Why is it so hard to keep it happy forever?

I don't have a clue what am I doing?
To welcome terror, there is brutal killing
To flourish peace, why does it need fighting?
Now have a look at us; how do we differ?

Please answer me, is this morally justified?
I can clearly see how the world is petrified
It's painful to see terror and peace unified
Sad, but there is no choice left for me either.

Those enemies are called peace breakers
But, we, the soldiers, are called peacemakers
We both are on the same job; how ironic!
We both are nothing less than being acidic.

Because of a soldier, there is a ray of hope;
For me, peaceful thoughts are out of scope.
I'm only meant for treaties to be signed in blood,
Or to die fighting in the battle field of red mud.

With such burdening thoughts in this night
Of darkness, I am walking with all my might
When suddenly I turn to see what's on my right;
Unimaginable terror shoots inside me upright!

Dazed! I aimed and started firing hurriedly
Bursts of light and smoke are seen vividly
Noise of blazing gunshots are heard loudly
Presently I stumble and fall down in agony.

I fell down facing the sky gasping for air
I see that man is dead, his eyes gleaming in flare
My vision is going blurry; I am dying in vain
Alas! My motherland is still in a lot of pain.

"I've died with honor and pride," is what I brag,
Having served my nation denoted by a great flag
I see my soul is rising up from my body - separated,
Stranded between gates of heaven & hell - uninvited.

May 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Featured in Tuck Magazine!

Yay! My short story Bitter Sweet is published in October issue of Tuck Magazine! Click here to read it.

Many thanks to Val Michael Tuck, Editor of Tuck Magazine.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I am on air with Ken Cowle on Canadian Radio - WhiStle Radio 102.7FM


I am thrilled and excited to be invited by Ken Cowle, Founder & President of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc., as a special guest on his show on Canadian radio: WhiStle Radio 102.7fmSo, on Tuesday (October 8, 2013) 9:00 PM EST, CLICK HERE to tune in to the show, then sit back, relax and enjoy listening to me speaking about my idea on poetry and writing, and doing the spoken word on my poems! You will also enjoy some great music along with it! Repeat telecast on Sunday (October 13, 2013) at 1:00 AM ESTPlease share this news with your friends who would be interested in listening to the show.

I thank Wendy Smale, an artist from Pennsylvania, USA, who looked into my work and admired it. It was very nice of her to introduce me to Ken right away! Ken is an awesome person, extremely down to earth and a very kind man. I thank him for his time and patience to go through my pieces of poetry and giving me a chance to showcase my work on his show! When he asked me to be on his show, I nearly fainted: "Me? On a show?!" It took a lot for me swallow that! When the recording was over, I didn't sleep that night. Yes, it happens to me; whenever I am excited I don't sleep; I just kept smiling, laying in my bed looking up at the ceiling. With such guys existing in the world we live in, talents can no longer be hidden from it! Its truly a great honor! Well, I am super excited about this! I'd glad to know what you think about it!

Many thanks & Best regards,
Amit Herlekar

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Violet Rose

The sun was rising up from the mountain bed,
He beamed his rays and "Wake up!" he said.
Casting a rainbow across the farm of cattle,
It made the birds sing and streams to babble.

Suzie woke up early stretching her arms;
Wearing a bright smile, she ran to her garden
To see a rose blossom under the leaves of palms:
Violet in color which is not seen very often.

So delighted was she to see it in full bloom!
Her twinkling eyes were not enough to admire,
Those petals of velvet touch softer than any plume,
Speckled with drops of dew, sparkling like sapphire.

Suzie was mesmerized by its revered appearance:
The beauty of this flower drove her conscience
To touch it; but it was against her morality,
For the rose could have easily lost its divinity.

As soon as the sun was up, Suzie called her friends:
"Behold the one and only, Violet Rose!" she said.
The jubilance in their shining eyes was immense,
As there was no such thing so spellbinding instead.

Some began to tickle it, others touched it;
Suzie was not pleased to see this - not one bit!
They failed to understand it was for one's eyes only,
Which was enough to please all the senses entirely.

Slowly the rose began to lose its elegance,
Dewdrops were lost; wrinkles made it look worse.
Suzie just could not stand this awful nuisance
Of caressing it; it looked like an act of dreadful curse!

Sadly, the violet rose ultimately turned black;
So did her innocence which had no flaws.
She asked her friends never to come back,
And drove them away without regretting her loss.

It was born and nurtured by the heavens above;
A priceless being a while ago; now meaningless.
Without any value, it became worthless like lost love
And stood on its stem without pollens, nevertheless.

The rose which could have easily lasted for a week,
Suzie shed her tears seeing it so fragile and weak.
She was dismayed; it didn't survive even for a day,
Never such a flower bloomed again since that day.

May 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gone are the days

Gone are the days
I used to smile at the rising sun
Challenge him to look me in the eye
The trees looked greener
And the flowers bloomed
Dancing merrily in cold breeze

Gone are the days
When the things I fought for
Looked childish and innocent
But the anger had no place

Now there is neither sun rise
Nor there is a breeze
The trees refuse to dance,
Flowers never bloom
There are no leaves

I fight for bigger things now
There is agony and despair
The closer I get to you
I get pushed further away
Now the heart has no place

May 18, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

God's Debris

This is the book that will nudge your brains to really start working. Whatever it says, it seems so obvious about things you have known all along. You will feel enlightenment within yourself nonetheless. The novel talks about philosophy with whole new angle. In the sense that you will never know it is indeed philosophy. It talks about our views on God, His creation and His existence. Everything in this world is driven by probability and we are all living in an illusion. The author, Scott Adams, doesn't try to change your belief or faith. He will only make you think; as the title of the book says: A Thought Experiment. This experiment neither concludes on anything, nor it tells about outcome of anything. Yet, you will say to yourself, "Yes, it is true!" I think I will read this again some time again. I am incapable of giving out more details as its so beautifully narrated. This is just a little over 100 pages long. So you can finish reading this book within a few hours. It is certainly a worthwhile read!

P.S. If are looking forward to read the book, you should read the author's introduction before going ahead. He is very clear on what he wants to convey and who this book is intended for.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Rising

The Rising

All the holy spirits watching over us
My forefathers of The Golden Age
Reminiscence of their innocent lives
Burned down to ashes by ruthless carnage
Their blessings flow down to strengthen my soul
As I take great pride in saluting my Emblem
My blood is pumped from the Heart of a Lion
Arousing my spirit to fight for our freedom

Violent tides rise high in turbulent times
Like a lone warrior I stand before them
Raising my mighty shield with my only hand
To defend my people and my land
Against the clutches of moral injustice
As a generous sacrifice, I offer my life,
Merely a small price I am willing to pay
Wholeheartedly to save my motherland

Our barns are torn down in retaliation
I yield and swallow every scathing blame
For it is I, who ignited those blazing flames
So it is I, who will breathe in that thick smoke
Suppressing my flooding tears behind my smile
Until my aching heart is heavily soaked
I am reminded of my painful and tainted past
To paralyze me, then to put an end to me

But there is nothing that can restrain me
All the distressing burden is put behind my back
I have been carrying it ever since I was born
It has only made me stronger; I have moved on
In pursuit of the sacred truth, I fall and get up again
I am the rising sun which will never set
Battling for the heavenly souls soaring in the skies
Thus, from the raging fire, 
Out of the darkest shadows, 
I Rise, I Rise!

The Rising

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Honour Among Thieves

Alright! This review is going to be a short one for I don't have much words to describe its excellence. First up: fantastic novel! Great story filled with strong characters. The plot is about a conspiracy between USA and Iraq after the events of Gulf War. It has crime, love, murder, espionage - very intelligently detailed (the part I loved the most), the game of politics and everything you need for an awesome thriller. It begins with loose ends: all you can wonder is What's going on? I smell something fishy. Things begin to fall in place only after first 100 pages. The story grows breaking its own barriers thickening the plot and doesn't remain stagnant revolving over the same place. The loose ends are nicely interwoven and the way missing links are later connected as the pages turn is something only a well disciplined and a trained mind can do. Thus, it always engages its reader from start to finish. The intensity is a kept very much alive throughout. I found more characters in this book and each have played their part brilliantly. It made me think This is the kind of book I want to write one day. It turned out to be a great read. Thumbs up to Jeffery Archer!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Glitter of Happiness

A dull heart wakes up
Begins beating in rhythms
With a pleasant melody
When mine reflect the sparkles
And the glitter of happiness
In those vibrant hazel green eyes.
A smile of long-lasting radiance
Materializes on my lips
Well before the ecstasy
Starts to inflate the air
While the aesthetic spectacle
Begins to drench my dry eyes.

In the quest for delight at large
The tiny things within are ignored
That light up for small moments
Waiting to be relished entirely -
Experience the spirit of innocence,
Embrace the warmth in simplicity of life,
Never let them die in vain,
Accept nature in its original form;
Just the way it is; the only truth;
The naked truth, locked up in a vault
That houses a veiled garden,
Oblivious to the world all along -
By the eyes blinded by dim-lit drapes;
Their craving for eternal bliss and
Ultimate peace is never fulfilled.

The healing touch of your hands
Has the gentle power of
Opening those closed doors,
Which have remained shut forever
For this soul had nothing to offer
To the world that is not dear
Waiting for the words to be sung
In whispers, until the kernel is felt
Then it liberates pure energy in trickles,
Filling the void with divine pleasure
Which my skin fails to sense
The currents arise from deep within
Invigorating my mind, while the soul
Floats on the white clouds of azure sky
Unveiling a whole new world of wonder
And reality evades slowly into fantasy.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Such a Funny Thing

I received appreciations and awards at work recently in recognition for my performance. Honestly, I am not really happy with it, because there is nothing special I should feel about. I didn't invent a technological marvel. I just did my job. Yes, I agree I should be overwhelmed with my achievements but I am not. I feel it’s a mean world which we all live in. Let me elaborate the reasons of me being a downer (well, not exactly a downer, hmm, you can say not being joyful). If I look back, say, since three years, I don't think I have changed intellectually. My intelligence was the same as it is now. Only difference is that my efforts are now being recognized in the form of awards and appreciations. Why didn't people see my efforts then? I believe my production levels at work were the same. In fact, these things didn't make me more knowledgeable or more intelligent. In the end, it’s a funny thing to think that I was working in wrong places where people failed to know me. And now comes the worst part. Because of all these certificates of appreciations I received, people think of me as a priceless guy. It's like having a list of evidences of my efforts. How bad is that? I believe in myself and I know my abilities. I don't need a proof for that! It’s such a mean and brutal thing when one's worth is measured in certificates. And those people will also be under the impression that I will be motivated to work harder. No sir! Sorry! I will give my best shot, that's all. I don't work to impress anyone. I work for my livelihood. Where were all those people then when the same old me was walking around the block when they didn't even care to have a glimpse of me, and now from nowhere they come hunting for me? Alas, the words embossed on a certificate are more valued and have become the only means to know a person's worth. Ah, this is just another one of my rants; the philosophy of my mind. I am not sure how many people can understand or relate to this.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


The tides of the sea rise high
Colors of clouds changed the sky
From divine white to dark grey
Storms came and birds flew away

The skies looked very scary
And the winds blew wildly
Many days passed in a while
Without a face wearing a smile

When lost hope was never found
The sun rays pierced the clouds
To spread brightness all around
And light up the world out loud

Storms are destined to return
Another season, another life
Nature teaches us to learn
The different phases of life

Saturday, July 20, 2013


My friend Joy, came up with a small poetry challenge for me. Here is what she asked me to do.
Write a piece about a stray dog, no rhyme and no more than three words in each line and the third line in each must only be one word. Like this:
Bla bla bla
Bla bla bla
So, here is my quick response to it. Just a few lines; there is nothing noteworthy about it, though. What made me happy is that she really liked it! So I thought I should make this blog post to express my gratitude to her. So here goes:

There he sits
Staring at me

A lonely dog
His watering tongue

*  *  *

That's my master
Look at him

He teases me
Savoring juicy steak

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Lost Symbol

Having read The Da Vinci Code seven years ago, I thought I should pick up the next one in the series: The Lost Symbol. Many said and I also agree that the narration is very similar. The sequence of events is also similar. The portrayals of two characters: Inspector Sato and the madman-villain Malákh, are truly remarkable. The way Brown details the madness of Malákh is gruesome. Every time you read about him, it makes you real sick. The tummy starts rumbling and you begin to feel nausea. The rest is as usual - Robert Langdon always showing up in the right place and at the right moment.

I am not familiar with Masonic history or symbols associated with it. So my mind did not work when the symbols were decoded. I found it interesting to learn about Freemasonry and its relationship with prominent monuments of Washington DC. The one idea I found really intriguing is the mystery surrounding Ancient Wisdom, where Brown connects most of the religions by giving references to each one of them in their respective works of art. I have to admire his dedication towards the study of holy books of different religions, art and architecture across the world, and also on modern science and technology, which laid the foundation of this novel.

The book is very entertaining and a gripping read. There is a thrilling twist in the climax. But the ending of the story is a big letdown. It lets you think: Why did all the fuss start when there was nothing? The loose ends also don't connect well. I felt the same thing when I read The Da Vinci Code, but that was conceivable to some extent. This one ended as a complete disappointment for me!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is poetry for me?

I have read few poems in some online magazines of today. And I am not totally disappointed to observe that my poems are not a good fit for those magazines. Mainly because my poems rhyme while most editors prefer free verses. They want to know how far a poet can go on playing with the language; using singular words in the verses which I find difficult to understand. Often I end up using a dictionary to get the meanings of the words and thereby losing the context of the poem itself. Having said that, I don't mean any disrespect for poets who compose free verses. I have written few verses myself; but without any words which you need a dictionary.

To me, a poem should be a tiny story, a small journey taking you through subtle time and space, and it should make you sing along (rhyme). The way the poem flows, is also very important; every stanza is a small leap forward. I believe the poem will have the same intensity if the idea is good. So the words I use are very simple. A good idea is the one that provokes a reader's mind; it should shoot a bullet right through his brains and make his heart throb. Then no matter what the level of vocabulary is, I am confident that my work is good. I am aware that not all of my poems are good, but I have small list of poems which I believe are my best. I know I sound conventional or old fashioned to some, but hey, that's the way I like it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Minute I See You

I find you everyday,
The same hour,
That very minute.
The glimpse of
Your alluring face
Lightens up my day.
I put my worries behind
And forget all the trifles
When I see your vibrant smile.
The notes of your tune
When you say "Hi" -
With all the love -
Lets my heart sing and dance.
Feeling obligated,
The least I do is,
I give you back
My nervous smile
And shy away.

I see you everyday
And that same smile
On your face - so lively -
As you offer it
You fill my eyes
With the sight of it.

I remember
the first minute
I saw you.
Since then,
It is keeping me
Going all along.
Now, I think
We were destined to meet
For I could get
A glimpse of you
Even with all the
Troubles in my mind,
You make me think
I should live
At least
Because of you.
Our feelings
Speak for themselves
Making the words
Turn into vapors.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two verses

I Wish...

I found myself laying under the tree
Taking a nap smiling under the shade
I felt tubby fingers stroking my hair
And a flow of eternal energy in my veins

It made me open my eyes slowly
I found your shining eyes staring at me
That lovely grin and those chubby cheeks
I must be in a paradise I ever wanted to be

I came back to reality hearing a chime
And smiled about the amazing dream I had
Still lying on my bed I thought for a while
Wondering if you were really here... with me


Down the memory lane I see -
Your struggle to be someone
Never wanting to be a no one -
But to be in a ocean of someones

Although I stood right by your side -
You were blind folded all the time
Unaware that you were always -
A special someone to me

At last my silence is heard
You see yourself in my arms
I am glad its never too late than ever
To know I belong to you forever

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

King Solomon's Mines

I have watched the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but I had no idea that Allan Quartermain is the brainchild of H. Rider Haggard. It is my uncle who suggested me to read King Solomon's Mines. When I read the introduction by Allan Quartermain, it blew my mind and sucked me right into it. The language is very simple and never fails to engage its reader very well. Its beautifully narrated. I have read 20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. This one is even more gripping than that!

Right from the first page till the very end, it will keep your eyes glued to the book. The portrayal of Quartermain, Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John Good are too good. Well the best part comes when Twala, the King of Kukuana Land, and Gogool, the witch doctress appear in the course of the story and Zulu dialect is used. The detailing of their power, ruthlessness and cruelty is awesome. Reading about Gagool alone will send a cold shiver down your back! Not to forget the spectacle of Kukuana Land, the battle field and the caves in which the treasure was found - the narration is simply brilliant. Oh! I almost forgot mentioning about the climax. Alas, it is beyond my power to put it in words. It is impossible to imagine the clever brains of Rider Haggard who could conclude this adventure in such a creative way!

Even though you don't aspire to be a writer, this book not only teaches you about literature but it also inspires you a lot to start dreaming of coming up with a novel of your own. Although this is my second read in this genre, I believe this is an amazing adventure ever written - a masterpiece, and I consider Allan Quartermain as the greatest adventurer of all time. The name "Quartermain" itself produces powerful vibe. You will certainly love the use of language with which intelligent ideas are so eloquently expressed! With this finished, I plan to read all works of this great novelist - Rider Haggard; She, Ayesha: The Return of She, Allan Quartermain, She and Allan to name a few. This book is in public domain. So grab yourself a copy and have a great time reading it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Yareah features my poem: He and She

Cheers friends!
I am immensely happy to inform you guys that my poem He and She is published in Yareah Magazine. Click here to read it.

Thank you so much +Isabel del Rio

He and She

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Featured in BareBack!

Hello Friends,

It has all just started for me. Today my poem: The World that was Heaven is featured in May issue of BareBack Magazine! Click here to read all poems of this issue which also includes mine!


BareBack Poetry May 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My First Publication in Miracle E-zine

Today is a great day for me. My poem The Great Mansion is published in fifth issue of Miracle E-zine. This is my first international foot print. Wohooo! This has made my work known globally. 

Link to read the issue: Miracle E-zine: Issue Five, April 2013. This magazine is currently for sale. Click 'Preview' and turn to Page 5, you will see my name listed under Poetry. Click here to go to Miracle e-zine

Here is how it all started. Two months ago, Melissa Fry Beasley, editor at Churn Magazine, contacted me when she visited my blog. She is already a published poet. Her first words of encouragement were:
Your poems are good enough to get them published in poetry magazines 
and gave me a long list of websites, which are essentially online magazines/journals looking for poetry submissions in their upcoming issues. And I also wanted a greater audience for my work to be showcased. Her words drove me to start looking into the sites right away. So I am indebted to her forever. I would have never known about this publishing world (apart from my blog) if she hadn't contacted me.

Most of the online magazines (e-zines) don't accept previously published work. So I searched hard for magazines which considers them. I read submission guidelines of each of the sites that showed up in search results. And then there was this Miracle E-zine. It accepted previously published work. So I wasted no time is submitting four of my poems. I wasn't too hopeful about my poems getting accepted but it was worth a shot. I got a reply from the editor a week later saying:
Thank you for sending your work to our magazine. I was really pleased to read your work and "The Great Mansion" has been put up on the short list for the magazine's fifth issue which will come in April
I was overwhelmed by this reply. I kept my fingers crossed. On 31st March, I got another reply congratulating me that my poem has made it to the final list and is selected to be published in the fifth issue of the magazine. I screamed with great joy! I called up my family and friends to share this news. And now that its finally out, I thank you so much for your support and inspiration in keeping me going in delivering better.