Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

What made me to choose this novel is that it is listed on the "must read" books of all time. And frankly, it didn't disappoint me. The story takes place in Maycomb county of Alabama. The beauty of the book is, it is narrated by an eight year old tomboy, Jean Lousie "Scout" Finch, as she sees the world around her through her eyes. Each chapter is an episode which tells a moral story with utmost innocence; each episode tells an important lesson of life in a her voice. Its worth noticing the transition from one chapter to the next - absolutely seamless! As its main story line, the novel discusses about one the most sensitive issues of American society: racism. The subject is described so delicately that, rather than being sad, you feel pity about it. The central character is Atticus Finch. Atticus Finch, the girl's father, is one of the most ideal personalities that I have ever seen in literature. He is perfectly calm, rational and an extremely warm-hearted person. He is a father who teaches his children as they face life ahead of them.

There is a mysterious villain haunting the county: Boo Radley of The Radley Place, who makes a brief appearance at the end the story. What's contrasting about him is that he is tainted by rumors all along. In reality, he has a different side of himself. Apart from him, there is a bunch of other characters, namely: Summer Dill - the kid from Meridian, Mississippi, who visits Maycomb during Summer holidays, Calpurnia - the housemaid, Miss Stephanie Crawford - the gossip woman, Mrs. Maudie Atkinson, Aunt Alexandra, the Cunninghams, the Ewells and few others who gracefully constitute Maycomb neighborhood. All of them have their own peculiarities. For instance, Aunt Alexandra is always concerned about her niece and nephew. She worries about how Scout is brought up and when she starts being like a lady. Once you get acquainted to all these people, you will be part of Maycomb.

Now about the title of the book, if you read the book carefully, you will come to know who the mockingbird is. You will understand it is a great sin to kill a mockingbird. Overall, it's a fun read. It made me chuckle from time to time. The entire novel upholds innocence and humility. I have heard that the movie adaptation (1962) is also good and lives up to the expectation. I will certainly watch it.

A still from the movie

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Crippled World

With enormous fortune to breed
A puppet is elected to lead
Having enough roots to bear
Growing deeper into the earth
Impossible to pull it away

Now watch the entire state burn,
Witness the horror of
Broken pieces of power
The suffering of helpless innocents is relished
Lips are permanently stitched and sealed forever
When a silent cry against oppression is heard

Time moves forward only to bring change,
That time is not too far
Gallons of boiling blood can't be kept
Sealed in closed barrels for long

A never seen before
Volcano - so violent -
Will erupt one day
Thick somber clouds of smoke
Cover the entire sky,
Making way for everlasting darkness
The river of fiery lava floods all over,
And the blaze of fury burns all the
Unworthy pests to cinder,
To establish order from chaos
Thus dawns a new era of
Freedom from decadence

July 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Unheard Silence

The rays splintered the clouds lighting up the sky,
White pearls are seen shimmering on distant tides,
The sun is rising slowly sneaking up like a spy;
A heavenly spectacle for hundreds of eager eyes.

There came a man sprinting along the seashore,
Extremely apathetic towards this marvelous sight.
Stopping short, he began thinking about his life before -
The tears started to trickle down his face, shining bright.

Life was beautiful until it abruptly came to a dead-end,
Unaware of the strange silence which had been growing,
The days which passed on like ages, were hard to spend
Without a word from his love, left him in tearful longing.

The long-lasting quest for his lost love was fruitless,
It only brought back fond memories of their hearts -
Beating together as one, without a speck of darkness;
Although they were more than a thousand miles apart.

Anger took control and made him insanely confused -
When he searched for answers and didn't find any clues.
"Where did it all go wrong?" he cried, with a raging temper.
"I don't know." his heart said, with a trembling whisper.

The loneliness had crushed the heart he owned;
Which was never felt when his mind was all alone.
Never had he sensed before, this intense need of care -
Until his heart had a place for a dear one out there.

Not only was this sound of silence was never heard before,
But also the gloomy undertone of being completely ignored.
As time flew by, his mind got lost in the barren desert -
Unable to savor joy; unrequited love left him badly hurt.

Sinking in painful thoughts, his mind began to groan,
Yet he stood firm staring at the sea without a cry.
While the heart was burdened by the unknown,
Reminding him of his love and its unspoken goodbye.

He kept looking at the sun rising out of the billows,
Illuminating his tears which relentlessly flowed;
They reflect my soul; as I watch a boat far away,
I hope that my eternal silence will be heard one day.

July 2013