Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paradigm Shift

If you have read my poems so far, which are posted in this blog, you might have noticed my poems are very structured, in fact strictly structured in terms of rhyme. And also, they are long, narrating a short story throughout. I remember those days when I suffered headaches to get the meat of idea out into the words of my poetic lines neatly.

Well, I have been observing myself and my works of poetry lately. Since July 2013, if I am correct, I have been composing free verses. Its not that I like coming up with them, I am freeing myself from the bonds of structured patterns. But that does not mean I will stop writing structured rhyming poems! I love them, I always have. I will continue to embrace them dearly while discovering all forms of poetry. Now, I see at least six poems, both formal ones and free verses, in drafts dying to be posted for your eyes to be laid on. I have to stick to my schedule and I will post them in a timely manner. Its just to keep your hunger alive.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pool of Saffron

I walk in tired, exhausted, wiped out!
My mind immediately turns its attention to her
"Ah, my love! I am home," I say,
"Just a minute, I am coming!"
After all she is the only one who refreshes me,
To relieve me from yet another distressing day
Her scent reminds me of her presence

I take her out, open her up; wow! There she is!
The aroma pleasantly flows into my nostrils;
My eyes close as her incense seizes me
And rejoice every particle of her fine dust
Floating calmly in the space in between
I am reborn! Its a sigh of new life!

I take you gently into my hand
With great love and care,
Then I can't help wondering:
"You are the one; I just can't stop loving you.
Whoever discovered you is a true genius."
I pour you in a silver pot of
Hot and white creamed juice -
Just the way you want it to be -

While you begin swimming in concentric circles
I stir the pool gently and watch you have fun in the vortex
I love the sight of watching you bathe
Imparting saffron color to the entire pond
Your envy makes the cold waters turn into vapors
The fragrance of such divine essence
I simply cannot let it go; you posses me!
Then I pour you into my favorite goblet
Smelling you for one last time, I take a sip
You never fail to re-energize my mind and soul

tea (n.) a hug in a cup
Caption courtesy: We Drink Because We're Poets

Sept 4, 2013

Sunday, January 5, 2014



Tall and handsome, head held up high
Aesthetically geared from top to bottom
Beaming rays of unmatched confidence
Every walk emanates an unwavering glow
All along the path, leaving no stone unturned

Exhibition of unimaginable power & authority
Always looking ahead for the next conquest
Every step taken is a milestone achieved
Risen up through ladders - many miles high
Triumph & glory followed one after another

Never cared to see what lies beneath
When the flickering embers of distress
Look like sparkling jewels from up above
The smoke of sorrow becomes invisible
Even on the high ledge of rude awakening

The hanging cliff breaks without alarm
A desperate cry for the loss of dear ones
Is never heard until the last stone finally turns
Each sigh goes in vain in an attempt to leap
And every drop of nectar tastes bittersweet

As a dying wish to retrieve what is already lost,
The dangling loose ends of fragile hope are tied
While fake smile on that grimace can't be hidden
The future is lost in reminiscing the painful past
Whilst the days ahead are lost living in the void

Aug 17, 2013