Sunday, January 5, 2014



Tall and handsome, head held up high
Aesthetically geared from top to bottom
Beaming rays of unmatched confidence
Every walk emanates an unwavering glow
All along the path, leaving no stone unturned

Exhibition of unimaginable power & authority
Always looking ahead for the next conquest
Every step taken is a milestone achieved
Risen up through ladders - many miles high
Triumph & glory followed one after another

Never cared to see what lies beneath
When the flickering embers of distress
Look like sparkling jewels from up above
The smoke of sorrow becomes invisible
Even on the high ledge of rude awakening

The hanging cliff breaks without alarm
A desperate cry for the loss of dear ones
Is never heard until the last stone finally turns
Each sigh goes in vain in an attempt to leap
And every drop of nectar tastes bittersweet

As a dying wish to retrieve what is already lost,
The dangling loose ends of fragile hope are tied
While fake smile on that grimace can't be hidden
The future is lost in reminiscing the painful past
Whilst the days ahead are lost living in the void

Aug 17, 2013

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