Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paradigm Shift

If you have read my poems so far, which are posted in this blog, you might have noticed my poems are very structured, in fact strictly structured in terms of rhyme. And also, they are long, narrating a short story throughout. I remember those days when I suffered headaches to get the meat of idea out into the words of my poetic lines neatly.

Well, I have been observing myself and my works of poetry lately. Since July 2013, if I am correct, I have been composing free verses. Its not that I like coming up with them, I am freeing myself from the bonds of structured patterns. But that does not mean I will stop writing structured rhyming poems! I love them, I always have. I will continue to embrace them dearly while discovering all forms of poetry. Now, I see at least six poems, both formal ones and free verses, in drafts dying to be posted for your eyes to be laid on. I have to stick to my schedule and I will post them in a timely manner. Its just to keep your hunger alive.

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