Sunday, February 2, 2014


The long-lasting days
When our lives were flowing
With words of eternal love -
Permanent and
Still fresh in my mind -
Carved deep in my heart;
How can they be erased?
How can they be forgotten
When there is no question
Of you being forsaken?

Everything now is so clear to me
I was just a toy - a precious one -
With which you played with great joy
The words I said, were not just words, 
But they were honorably meant
For you alone

The words of love and care,
Compassion and belonging
Were not just uttered
When you were left
Stranded all alone, but...
They came right from
Great depths of my heart -
Deeper than the oceans -
For I cared for nothing
But you

When you found new toys,
You stranded me -
The one who cared the most -
The pain tears me up
When I swallow the words:
"I am  thrown away"
The realization stabs me
To the core and screams:
"I was merely used!"
Now you don't even know
I exist and the question
Haunts me every time:
"What are you anyway?"
My soul burns to cinders when
The thought keeps engulfing me:
"I was merely...
An escape
For you, all along!"

September 2013

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