Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Face Of Many Mirrors

A jolly kid facing a tall frame of glass
Began admiring himself at the reflection:
His eyes squinted, twinkling with curiosity.
Oh! What a delight it was to see that boy!
His head held high, hair neatly cropped,
Hands in his pockets, legs parted in style,
And appreciating all the minute details,
He bloomed with a smile of great pride.

Another mirror came hopping around
And it stood to the left of that old frame.
It was lofty piece with ornamented frame
Its regal appearance stole his eyes away.
He tirelessly jumped out of excitement
At the spectacle of this new found thing;
The joy inside him went out of control.

But it was an incongruous affair in between
Which the boy did not entirely comprehend:
The awful grimace reflected by the new glass
And yet, he kept on playing with it because,
He was mesmerized by its alluring beauty.
Nonetheless, he could not neglect anymore
The height of cold animosity ridiculed by it.

When the boy grew old enough into a man,
He contemplated the mirror and realized,
"I am blindfolded by its contrived charm."
As darkness was looming inside his heart,
Developing into a plague of disgusting gloom.
He could ignore his own grimace - no more!
Hence he embraced the mirror on the right,
And the one on the left was left all alone.

October 14, 2014