Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Beast

The Beast

Image courtesy: The Silence of the Lambs

... and here it comes again; it has awaken,
Breaking the shackles wound around it
Into splinters of violent pandemonium.
This untamed being; the abhorring brute
Looming inside me with a devious smug
Unleashes itself triumphantly with a roar -
A wicked roar that bursts sardonic laughter.

To experience the long-awaited freedom;
Freedom of being deviant once again
And being uncouth and mischievous,
This happens only when you are gone.
Since I want to be the king of all the spoils
I earnestly wish you to return after eons!

Mindless about the depletion inside,
By being unwise about its actions
The mind is poisoned to the core
By a plague of heathen thoughts
Causing reckless perversion
To the point of wild palpitation.
Thus, after a long run of satanic fun
Finally, the beast succumbs to repose.

I couldn't open my eyes when the sun was up
As it was the grim sight of a great disaster.
My mind was numb; my soul - obliterated.
I was vanquished by the wretched monster,
The devil inside me which I had given birth
Of which I am the father and its rightful master.

Oh, is there anything less painful than
To get torn apart between my mind and soul?
It is this regret that nags me with teasing cry:
Was there something I should have done
When it was growing inside the womb?
Oh, why did I embrace it with open arms
When I knew about its devilish nature?

After a long struggle to concede my defeat
That has stained this haggard look upon me,
I kneel down, ashamed, to beseech you:
Wherever you are, please come back soon
Only you can help me bring myself back;
Help me find myself for I am lost in wilderness
And rescue me from this dreadful creature.

Before it gets lost from me forever
Please, I am begging you to bring it back -
The harmony between my mind and soul;
Which left me without saying, "Goodbye".
Be a guiding light and I will bridle the beast.
Let my righteousness be the strength to hold it firm
And I pledge to take it on the path of morality
Then it will never be called as The Beast ever again.

April 23, 2016