Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Poets Dream Anthology: New Beginings

Hello Friends,

I am delighted to let you know that my poem: Elysium is featured in an anthology. This is the first time that my work is part of a compilation. So its very, very special to me.

The anthology is driven by the highly talented +Ferrick Gray who is a highly talented poet himself. He has compiled the works of artists of Poets Dream community and published this work of art. I hope you enjoy reading the pieces.

Dream Catchers: Vol. 3 - New Beginnings is now available for download in PDF (882kB) from
Poet's Dream Website: poetsdream.org
Link to PDF: http://poetsdream.org/publications/V03Dec2016DreamCatchers.pdf
Google Play Books: books.google.com, or search for Dream Catchers in the Play Books app.
Visit the community to explore the world of Poets Dream.

Thank you for all the kind support.