Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Struggle Within

The confrontation of mind and heart
Conceals the emotions deep within.
When they are revolting to break out,
It is the instinct - the innate nature
Of the soul not to show or utter
Even the slightest hint of sorrow.

The dam of silent tears is closed
Behind the mask of my impassive face.
A great degree of violent pain is endured
When a volcano on the verge of eruption
Is capped by silence to let it implode
Not to cause additional distress.

My conscience does not comprehend
That the silence evokes hostility
Which haunts in the eyes gazing at me.
But they will never understand,
The agony inflicted upon the heart.

Accusation begins to confront avoidance,
Adjuring to break the distancing silence
Without understanding the struggle within.

August 6, 2014