Monday, May 6, 2013

Yareah features my poem: He and She

Cheers friends!
I am immensely happy to inform you guys that my poem He and She is published in Yareah Magazine. Click here to read it.

Thank you so much +Isabel del Rio

He and She

Two Great Worlds apart were he and she
Divided by renowned oceans and great seas
Neither was there a place for love to be
Nor was there an occasion to be happy

Her eyes caught him, she found him irresistible
He greeted her warmly as she was dearly jovial
The long talks began, they found it enjoyable
This went on and on for as far as it can get

She was pretty, he was terribly handsome
He was very shy, she was dearly open
This was a tiny ripple meant to part them
But nothing to keep their minds astray

He adored a few things, she liked the same
Renowned artist was she, having great fame
Her modesty didn't let her ego have a say
Thus she pushed her pride out of their way

Her love for him was growing like a wild fire
He got melted by the charm she carried with her
Beauty with the brains was he that pleased her
This was how both their hearts and minds were set

The liveliness of this feeling he never felt before
Now this emotion was tickling him more and more
It was all very new for him to take unlike before
Where nothing worked out when it was sought for

It was an inseparable bond that was growing
Immersed in passion, their hearts were rattling
A touch of care was becoming quite intoxicating
They never felt such an affection elsewhere before

As days flew by, sweet talks kept happening
A day long pause caused relentless yearning
Every moment was a desire to talk more and more
It was out of innocent fondness and nothing more

Sadly they never met, fate hit hard on these love birds
All the heartfelt words were only part of dearly letters
They just couldn't stay away from each other anymore
It's nature's call for some to be distant friends evermore

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