Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Eventful Year!

What a remarkable 2011 has been! A year of beginnings. A year of hopes. Many events that showed there is light at the end of the tunnel. It was the year of euphoria when India was crowned again as Cricket World Champion after 28 years of wait. The year that made prominent politicians jailed for their shameless scandals. The year in which one old man stood up and united the nation against corruption. The year in which individual record of little master was broken by his teammate and during which a fellow Indian, an  unsung hero who stood like The Wall, decided to quit ODI Cricket.

The world rejoiced when the most wanted terrorist was shot down. Ironically, India mourned the loss of great artists: a ghazal maestro - his songs pleasing our ears even today, a multi-talented actor and filmmaker better known as the youngest evergreen romantic hero and, a fanatic whose junglee portrayals ruled the silver screen between early '60s and late '70s. I mourn the loss of two great people who changed the world of computers. They made many others like me to be proud of the profession we chose. We also lost one of our renowned cricketers whose captaincy was as shrewd as a tiger who led India from the front. Its the year of commemoration of these people who embed themselves forever in our memories. Sad but true.

 As to me, I met two of my best friends who stay abroad and paid their visits to India earlier this year. I am glad I met them. It certainly became an eventful year for me when I met my schoolmates 10 years later. God! that get together was so refreshing and so cherishing to see those tiny faces fully grown to plump heads.

The place where it all started :)
The most distinctive of all, its been a great year of blogging. It started with a couple of technical blog posts which received positive response from few of my friends. That triggered me to start off exploring the extent of my writing abilities. It really turned out well. Readers began appreciating my work. I was delighted by the overwhelming response I got since this was the only thing owned by me which was completely exposed to public.

I have written about all those things that were indeed rumbles in my mind for some time. I wanted some means through which I can express these ideas and shut my mind up for a while. I was well aware that some of my friends were bloggers. I thought at once - why shouldn't I start blogging? Blogspot was the place. I was very timid and it troubled me a lot when I thought about my style of writing. I admit that there is no peculiarity in my writing, but something made me anxious about it. No doubt, I was confident about whatever I was going to write will be understood by common man. I have a decent knowledge of English vocabulary and sufficient grip on English grammar that was enough to pull it off in some style.

For now the rumbling has stopped. No! It has paused. "Stop" is a dangerous word because I won't let my new found interest to be lost so easily. Its just that I am trying to find subjects which qualify for a good write up. So, I wake up every morning with empty thoughts or with a nightmare having some kind of monster. I have been reading some best sellers lately and hoping that it will generate a spark to resume this work. I am sure that there is still a lot of it that's left in me to write on variety of things. The mind just wants just the right ignition on which I will be interested to express my thoughts. For instance, when I watched Memento, I found the screenplay so impressive that I read its script and I got involved in thinking of a simple story that would be a short film. I had a vague idea about the story, but could not decide the plot. I wanted the screenplay to be like Memento's. I started writing the script but it is still incomplete! Next time, I will think of a good story first before I pounce on writing a screenplay.

I even tend to start writing poems or songs. I am deeply inspired by works of my co-worker, who owns this blog: Junkyard of Songs, and songs by British Rock band: Oasis. I guess I need to have some built-in skill to write songs. When I asked my co-worker, he said that it got into him. I need to wait when it gets into me. Finally, to all my blog readers, I am grateful to all of you. Without you guys I am not completely focused. So, keep reading my posts and leave you comments. I hope to come up with interesting posts with fresh rumbles in my brains. I wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2012. What remains unforgiven is what took them so long to rock in India?
Jagjit Singh, Bhimsen Joshi, Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie


  1. Keep writing!!

  2. What a wonderful Summary of a year!!!


  3. Nice work, I am sure one day you will write film script.

  4. Good one...Jst that Mention of WALL wasn't imp :P..Keep Going...Hope to read many more in 2012;)