Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thinking of you

I called my pal to hang out today
It had been long since I stepped out
Got into a pub kicking off our time to play
And began sharing our thoughts aloud

As time flashed by we had nothing more to talk
My mind started to wonder about you instantly
He understood what I am about to talk
My cheerful smile acknowledged him gladly

I made your sweet words turn into hilarious joke
Those cheeky pranks I deliberately played on you
Which made you go mad and burn out with smoke
But you knew my gags were inevitable for you

I just loved the way you reacted to my mischief
Yet you never gave a damn about how I ridiculed
We never parted from each other with disbelief
Since the understanding between us always ruled

I always admired the way your mind had got tuned
As you took lighthearted things always easy
And cared only about our friendship we sustained
Bonding it eternally to our life's exquisite journey

These trivial things about you are what I'm fond of
Making me travel back as nostalgia grows
Which lets me realize how sweet my life is made up of
Causing me to forget all my painful sorrows

Now my pal asks me "Are you guys still in touch?"
Feeling sad that you are not here anymore
I replied with intolerable despair "Not very much"
As we drifted to other talks and ordered for more

I think of you sometimes even now in your absence
Cherishing all the moments we spent in multitude
I meet you in my inner eye to enjoy my solitude
To embrace you in my dreams of your eternal presence


  1. Beautiful poem.

  2. Such a lovely poem! It's sad when you lose touch with good friends!

  3. beautiful poem love this line { I meet you in my inner eye to enjoy my solitude }