Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Rocking Chair

Sunk in my chair, legs crossed
Fingers gently brushing my lips
Rocking my chair pensively
You cross my mind
Then the rocking stops
My face blooms with a faint smile
Looking up at the azure sky
My eyes begin to glitter
Against the rays of the setting sun
While the birds are soaring gaily
Returning to their homes
I pull you back from my memory
And see through the life we lived,
Together with love & compassion

I never missed laughing
At all your jokes
Knowing they weren't funny
That was one way to
See the best picture
Of my life:
Your beautiful face 
Wearing a lovely smile

We walked hand in hand
On our everyday strolls at dusk
Enjoyed the cool weather all around
Made sure words didn't steal our smiles
Glimpsing at each other from time to time
For our eyes spoke a thousand words at once
And innocence dominated the air
Filling it with long-lasting fragrance
Of overgrown budding jasmines
While we watched the little kids play

Back home,
 As you laid your head
On my shoulder
With my arms around you
In my inner eye
I wondered: Is this a dream?
Or, am I in heaven?
Then I returned to reality
With a firm belief:
I am blessed to have you

Now those golden years are bygone
I sit here, in this chair, and cherish
Those priceless moments
Which come to me as dreams
For I lived my life to the fullest,
Without any regrets
Even though you've left this world
I know you are watching over me
From the heavens above

December 19, 2013

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