Saturday, September 20, 2014

Inferno: The Beating Of A Dead Heart


The Beating Of A Dead Heart

Head turned back, brows locked, eyes fixed on the stormy sky
Unrelenting to forgive, hate boiled to a point of raging flame
For the prestige of it was too dear to lose out to compassion;
Nurtured by vigorous vanity, contempt had grown into cancer.
Such callous display expected nothing in return but loathing.
Waiting in vain with great patience for the final touch down
Proud to be crowned as an atrocious prince of willful scorn
Spite was surplus in the heart making it oblivious of mercy.

As the curtains went up, it was an unexpected surprise;
A sight of displeasure began clouding those furious eyes
It was not hate that was revealed! It was a face of love.
Emanating from the bottom of a heart crying out of pity
In a dire need to cradle that heart under the spell of evil
Tears were shed in prayers to root out the abhorrence,
And to plant a seed of love that will grow like a beanstalk,
To flourish a heart that beats in rhythms of endearment.

But compassion was mistaken to be an act of retaliation!
Then assault was launched only to receive warm affections.
Spears of vicious snakes hurled, boomeranged garlands,
Infuriating the hostility burning to the point of inferno.
Such a heart which only detests when infected with hate,
Turned those eyes blind towards the sweet colors of love.
Thus, without standing the sight of a hand offering to help,
Love tasted bitter as it was regarded as sickening poison.

The beauty of love did not decline in the wicked sight of hate;
It grew brighter with every audacious show of abomination.
Like a rising sun at dawn, spreading the subtle morning rays,
A gentle breeze blew and chased those stormy clouds away.
The resenting heart did not see a chance to change its stand;
Utterly reluctant to accept the face of loss in a petty battle.
Thus, it ended living in perpetual death of gnawing vexation
Ultimately, a prolonged repentance burnt the soul to cinder.

July 30, 2014

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