Sunday, March 1, 2015



In the name of God, prayers are sung everyday
Day and night, relegating every vital thing away
Always faithful in my duties to serve my Lord
It shields me from all kinds of earthly miseries
And entitles me to be in the garden of canaries

But... I always sit on the ledge in apprehension
My mind is messed up with crazy superstitions
I have postulated my own theory on Providence
Life is clogged with lies making it awfully filthy
And crammed with irrational thoughts of insanity

Maelstrom of undesirable sorrow pulls me in
I am stuck in an abyss of despair and chagrin
Without understanding the cause for my pains
Wandering in this darkness is not helping me
Oh, Lord; unshackle me from unbearable misery

*      *      *

My Dear Child,

Your faith is unrewarded because of your pride
It brags about your conceit for it is not kept aside
Stabbing the hearts of dear ones who helped you
And inflicting unrecoverable pains in their souls
So your prayers are relegated as unopened scrolls

You should know that you are an imperfect being
Thus, I created you to have emotions and feelings
Which are same in the hearts of people around you
Drench your eyes with the joy seen in those dear eyes
Learn to honor those souls praying for your cries

You bow your head down to show your humility
And join your hands in your prayers for mercy
Rest assured that it will not help until you change
Think on your acts that jabbed the hearts of others
They will unfold your wrongs one after another

Learn to be the champion of genuine kindness
Let the words from your mouth have cheerfulness
Be a tender soul for those who care for your heart
Do not be rude and put a leash on your tongue
Remember, I am the only judge for the unsung

Be obliged to those who pray for your redemption;
They entreated me to guide you out of perturbation
By sparking a faint light from your despairing soul:
Their prayers have compelled me to act right away
Before the sun rises on the horizon for a new day

March 01, 2015

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