Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Book Review: Sons Of Gods - Mahabharatha by Sharon Maas

It was a coincidence when I was browsing through my news stream of and a post caught my eye. It was the announcement of a free giveaway of this book: Sons Of Gods - Mahabharatha posted by the author: Sharon Maas. Since I was disappointed with C. Rajagopalachari's version of Mahabharata, I was keenly looking for a better work of the great epic written in English. I wasted no time in showing my interest in reading her work. She sent it to me right away. When I read the prologue and I thought: Wow! It's amazing. This is the one! I am and will be grateful to her forever.

Book Cover
It overwhelmed me right from the start. The writing style, the apt use of poetic words, the conversations, the dialogues and the way the story eloquently flows like a calm river has made me fall in love with it. It's aesthetically appealing. The beauty of the language is experienced throughout the book as it weaves through all the episodes covering the substance of the original epic. I can imagine how difficult it was for her to first read the other versions of the great epic, then analyze them, and then meticulously extracting all the essential details and to finally come up with something as priceless as this, is nothing short of a literary marvel. (As a matter of fact, she has watched TV series of the epic. It really shows how interested she was about Mahabharata.) It's not just the beauty that appeals to the reader, but also that it misses nothing important; thereby doing justice to the original epic nonetheless.

There are 72 chapters. The chapters are more or less equally spaced. Each chapter is about ten minutes long. So, it will help you keep up with it without boring you even for a minute. Therefore, you can easily read a chapter or two during a break from your busy work schedule.

The aesthetics in defining each of the great characters, for instance, describing the charm of the heavenly maidens, their relationships with the kings - the conspiracies and fight scenes, and the principles of wisdom, makes the reader fondly remember all the episodes and the epic as a whole. It's truly a commendable effort. Well done, Sharon!

I want to urge all the people who are interested to read Mahabharata in English, buy this version without a speck of doubt. You won't be disappointed. I'll give you my word for it. It is prose poetry in the form of a novel.



  1. Thank you so much, Amit! Writing Sons of Gods was a true labour of love and it's music to my ears to hear that readers appreciate it.

    1. The pleasure is entirely mine, Sharon. Please keep up the good work! And, I'll keep up with you. :)

  2. Well written review! Piked my interest

  3. Thank you so much for such nice review.
    A book recommended by you is alwaya worth reading .
    This one will be my next read.