Saturday, August 8, 2020

Better Than Hell

Better Than Hell

The stream of bad blood flows
From one age to the next
And forms a rope of lineage.
Which is frayed in between
As a mark of unjust actions.
It is pulled harder and harder
To keep the tradition moving;
But it breaks painfully
Finally meeting a tragic end.

The two parts are tied again
But they refuse to succumb
To the unrelenting pressure.
For it is cut by the divine law
To strike a balance; and so
Giving birth to a rebel who
Persistently fights for truth.

To make ends meet
By any means necessary,
The rebel is lured by riches
As a diversion from wisdom.
The enticement didn't work
Because the magic couldn't
Play its cheap tricks for long.
The rebel was hell-bent upon
Weaving the frays with threads of justice.
"When truth itself cannot be polluted, 
How can I be?"
Is what he said!

But where will that blood flow,
Other than in sewage drains?
It smeared the rebel with reeking
Muck of offence, vice and villainy.

The rebel conceded defeat
When the war broke out
With false allegations that
Are not worth fighting for.
In the face of humiliating abuse
The rebel left with a resolution:
It is always better to be in hell
Than spending even a minute
More here.

July 27, 2020

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