Thursday, May 27, 2021

Childhood's End

Childhood's End

A heartfelt laughter for the silliest
Of things from a child's lips
Is like adoring a blooming flower.
It is undoubtedly a celestial form
Of God from the Heavens above.

The same laughter for the tiniest
Of things from a grown-up is indisputably
Smeared with contrived mockery -
With a laughter suppressed by the lips.

The joy of childhood is not just
A seed of innocence planted at birth,
But it is in the virtue of living by it
Instead of shying away.

The easiness of simplicity is made
Uneasy by the complexity of smugness.
It is the malice that spreads depravity
Until decadence is established as an ideal.

Innocence is the freedom to be naïve,
But willing to taste the nectar of pristine
Life all around us; but not scathing it
By wearing the crown of ignorance.

The idiocy of petty fights to win over
The balance instituted by natural order
Is argued instead of dismissing it
For glorious abuses and selfish exploits.

Instead of chewing the gift of the present,
The known past and the unknown future
Stir up distress in the unconscious smile,
Even though it is the symbol of serenity.

The pretense of adulthood is a vermin
Of misery and despair to innocence;
Sadly it is nourished to a thriving child
Until the virtue is lost into oblivion.

There is a child in each one of us;
Why is it lost in the journey through time?
Aren't we all the children of God?
Aren't we all?

May 27, 2021

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