Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ageless Mind

When I met my schoolmates during third week of June it was beginning of monsoon in 2011. This meeting was after 10 long years. We had been longing for this moment since years. When all of them shot their first look on each one of us, everyone was quite observant on each other's features. Most of them said to each other "Look at you! What has become of you! My God! You have changed completely! I couldn't recognize at first! How could you change so much?"

Of course there were few of my friends, including me ;), who didn't seem to have changed considerably by looks. So, despite some trivial changes, some guys said, "You haven't changed a bit! You are still the same as I saw you 10 years ago back in school!" But no one can deny the fact that people can't change at all. It is just the face that remains as the identity of a person.

Look at the other side of this subject. You have brothers and sisters. You grow along with them. Even after some years, when people say that your brother or sister has changed, you don't agree at once! Because you have seen them grow all along with you. Their images get updated everyday in your mind as you have been seeing them till date since your birth. So, you hardly notice any change in them. You will realize the truth only when you look back to see those old family albums or old family videos you made during family gatherings, parties, etc.

Before I met my schoolmates, my mind had images of them which were 10 years old. And now, suddenly when I saw them, my mind was reluctant to accept current images of my friends. It accepted only couple of minutes later during which it analysed their new or updated features - his nose is elongated, her eyes are geared with specs, she was apparently taller, but she is now short, he has put on weight, he also has a double chin now, etc and updates its photo store.

All humans have ageless minds. If you update your mind regularly, its well and good. You say that everything is going fine and you are moving on nicely. But, when you meet your friends or anyone who was close to you, after a long time, you notice that there is something out of the ordinary, because you want to see them the same way as they were long ago! Yes, it sounds very funny but I think it is the bare fact. Just imagine when you don't meet your old friends at all or when you don't think about them, there will be some kind of twitching in your mind saying "Nothing much or major has changed." Mind is a constant learner. It always wants put new things into itself. I think it is very young to learn many things; and how does it learn? By means of our five senses and by thought processes involved in experiences of our day-to-day lives!

I understand that I should have described how happy I was when I met my friends, the nostalgic moments cherished; funny instances, quarrels, punishments for behaving badly or for not doing homework, gossip about teachers, etc. All these priceless moments are to be experienced at that very moment and are to be remembered forever. If I start writing, I suppose there will never be an end if I elaborate these memorable things. Moreover, we spent the entire day enjoying ourselves. So, it does not qualify to be a blog post which describes everything about that very special day.

Dedicated to all my schoolmates
Class of  2001
MR Sakhare English Medium School, Hubli


  1. mast no words to describe......vry nice

  2. Tats so sweet...truely School days are just Unforgetable so r the school frnds :-) Bt At the same time I guess Ur TCS frnds are also gud...rnt they ;-)