Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Solitary Freedom

Sitting all alone on the tree
Born in this world to be free
So gorgeous that I don't have words for it
Filling my eyes with the charm of it

You couldn't be blissful to my eye
If you would be with many of your kind
Be yourself my dear bird - is what I cry
Because you are the only gem of your kind

You won't let anyone harm you
Nor you cause harm to anyone
Because hurt is a thing that is shot from a gun
That cuts your wings and agony takes you through

Built with strong wide wings
That are enough for you to fly high
My eyes caught the flocks in the sky, dancing
But you hardly seem to watch them fly by
Certain that it can bring nothing
Except bitterness and sigh

Always being happy on your own
To be in a state of unknown
Apathetic about how other birds are
Flying high every time to reach a new star
Eyes shining brightly against sun rays of Spring
Painting the deep blue sky with wide spread wings


  1. Wonderfuuuuuulllll thought...wonderfully written!!!!

  2. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Somebody Became a Poet from Writer...Any more side to be revealed by the next Post :P Luvly Poem with deep meanings

  3. "...And to all the ecstatic joy it brings
    beyond all perishable things
    a deep sounding thought it does ring
    that in my own world, I am the king"

    you have written it well. Nice read...

  4. a nice poem about the essence of freedom. a pretty good read for a first-timer on ur blog. :)