Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Loss Without Regret

I lost you when we were kids
I was glad we were together again
Since we got back in touch as old brothers did
Making happiness surge around us in that old lane

With tremendous pride I stood by your side
Despite the vicious things I knew about you
Holding my stand unshaken even by high tide
Believing your lies blindly to be true

It was indeed awfully hard for me to believe
When you were determined to make me grieve
Being foolish to read my mind without a clue
To find nothing except my disgust about you

When the whole world was sleeping sound
You despised me sneaking from behind
It was terribly hopeless to trouble my mind
To think what was in you against me, so profound

You loathed me with shots of stabbing words
Without having an idea of what I am
And you're also the most unqualified man
To think of me as being absolutely absurd

I honestly don't regret myself
To lose a friend like you
But I'm painfully ashamed of myself
To think I was friends with you

Your betrayal was deliberate
By misusing my trust carelessly
Now I'll be foolish if I'm considerate
And feel for someone so unworthy

You will never be forgotten
To remind me of your shame
You will always be unforgiven
And I'll never be the same again

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