Monday, October 1, 2012

Why Poetry?

I don't know how to put it, but I suppose this post will serve somebody who is looking forward to write poems. I can't believe I have already written more than ten till now. I was having this discussion with my friend and he told me to write a post about it. When I look back, the day I got inspired by poetry of my co-worker, I decided I am going to start mine. So the first thing I got is - Inspiration.

Initially it was a bit of a struggle for me to find out what my poetry is going to be. Then I had to find out the right words which give life to the idea behind it. Here is the first shot. The idea, for me, must be thought provoking. My mind has to become so restless that I will have to let it out somehow. So I pen it down as quickly as I could with whatever words strike my head at that moment. Let the write up have errors, it will eventually be corrected and tuned properly. Remember - Thought provoking.

Now here comes the main reason of writing poetry. If you read my poems or any other verses, one thing you will observe is they are very abstract. It doesn't point to a particular person or a thing. But, it still somehow manages to touch your heart because the feelings expressed in those lines are genuine. That's the beauty of it!  The best thing about feelings in a poetry is,  it can about real life experiences or imaginary. If the feelings are real, writing poetry is easy, all you got to do is construct sentences with poetic words to make it sound nice. But avoid making it too personal; don't let readers guess you are emotionally attached to the poem. The good part of expressing sad experiences is, no reader is ever going to hurt you by asking you about it :) Because my poem is just too vague for the reader to deduce anything. Beep beep - Reality!

My mind is also good in imagination. It catches hold of a person and starts to imagine what's going on in that mind. Imagination is by itself entirely fictitious. But, there will be one reader on earth with which he could relate his thoughts/experiences with lines of my poem. It may be a real life event for him. For instance, I saw a couple romancing in a park. I did not go to them and ask: "What are your feelings for each other in this place?" If I did, I would have got slapped from both of them for being nosy. Their romance ignited my thoughts and I came up with this. And guess what, most readers loved it! There are other poems by me which are sad and sick, but completely fictitious. The challenge here is to come up with lines and build a realistic context around unrealistic idea. It may be some poor guy's reality, who knows? So, no one is holding me back to write a poem which is pure imagination. Buzz word - Imagination.

The human brain is highly volatile. It wanders here and there in no time. So, maintain focus on the subject rather than drifting away to some place. It happens to me very often. Control the flow of your thoughts.  Otherwise, the poem loses its essence and confuses its reader. It creates an impression that I am not sticking to the point.

I don't write poems for the audience or for my readers. I write them for myself. I have to be happy and proud of my work. It doesn't matter whether others like it or not. That's what poetry is all about. Feeling happy for oneself. If you are trying to impress others, you are just ruining it because you never know what's on people's minds. Having said that, here is a word of caution: even if your vocabulary is world class and keeping in mind a reader with fairly good knowledge of English, avoid using words which require dictionary to be kept beside your poem before reading it.

Finally when the skeleton of my verse is looking good, its time to arrange the words and lines properly in a desired order. It must look like a short story with head and tail. Now this task is going to take some effort. In order to make it sound good, you will have to replace words with more appropriate ones which precisely suit the vibe surrounding the idea of the poem. You may also have to move the lines or stanzas up or down to connect your story nicely. Once I believe that everything is set, I read it over and over again at few times until I certify: "Yes! This is it! It is now breathing life!" It requires few finishing touches like a sculptor working out delicate details on his masterpiece. Phew! Cool, its ready to be published.


  1. Such a universal line: "My mind has to become so restless that I will have to let it out somehow." Love this Amit. And the article is a great look into your process - thank you for sharing. I do enjoy your poetry very much.

  2. I've never been much for writing poetry. Maybe it's because I usually don't get it. LOL!

    1. Yes, I agree, its complicated sometimes. For me, it depends on how to share my thoughts/emotions; as me or as anonymous. I'll vote for poetry if I go for anonymity.

      Thanks for stopping my Joyce :)

  3. The way I process a poem is fundamentally different from yours. Whereas I search for the calm in my restlessness you search chaos. However when you say "there will be one reader on earth with which he could relate his thoughts/experiences with lines of my poem. It may be a real life event for him" so true." I can't agree more.

  4. Wow, this is definitely very insightful post. I used to write poems when I was in high school but somehow I have lost touch and now you have inspired me. Totally!