Saturday, December 1, 2012

Your Presence

I start my day with a warm greeting from you
It ignites my zeal to make my boredom bid adieu
I long for you when I don't see you around
When this gloomy day is letting me down

I hardly know a thing about you
Yet I feel I know a lot about you
This eternal bond is built not in a day
But I feel we met only yesterday

I wonder why you are special to me
And how you never fail to make me smile
However hard the times may be
You make my heart dance with some style

The vibe you create is so magical
It takes me to a wonderland far away
The words you talk are so whimsical
The smile on my face never fades away

When your presence seizes my mind
It leaves all my annoying trifles far behind
Feeling the surge of joy inside me
I wonder if I ever have any misery

Why didn't I find you before?
Where have you been hiding all along?
You entered my life like an angel I yearned for
To keep me happily accompanied lifelong


  1. Beautiful writing.

  2. The writing and the expressions are very clear and neat. Neat is the first word that came to my mind on reading this. I loved the clarity of thought.

  3. Thanks Amit, I love it !! :)