Saturday, March 1, 2014

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

A masterpiece! That's all I can say. This is the book where I relished every line of every page. Mary Shelley is the person who has really got the skill to express deepest emotions of the heart and complexities of a passionate mind through words. She is simply brilliant. The book absorbed me and I played Frankenstein and the monster as I read along!

The book starts with four letters. I can never imagine how anyone could write such beautiful letters with so much feelings in it. Mind you, the word "beautiful" is so impotent that it is not even close in describing the real beauty of writing in those letters. I think those letters are the best ones I have ever read in my life. Then the story forks away to start the actual plot. And it grows more and more exciting with the words minutely detailing the inception of Frankenstein's eccentric idea. The way he ardently prepares himself to learn the hidden secrets of nature, and finally decides to create life from the dead all by himself! The words expressed are so thought provoking that they nudged my brain cells as I was devouring them. It certainly made me think for a while, "Yes, it could be possible."

Chapters 8 - 9: Incredible chapters - They make the reader devour sorrow! They describe misery and suffering of a little girl who is sentenced to death  because she is falsely convicted of murder. Imagine the despair when the girl is sweet, loving and caring by nature. How can it be possible for a writer to express grief so splendidly in words which I am so powerless to express its beauty in the least possible way? I think its only Mary Shelley. Chapter 10: It details the beauty of the great Swiss Alps. It will take you on a hike along with Frankenstein.

Chapters 12 - 16: As the story moves along, it describes how the monster (abandoned by its creator) learns about human beings; our ways, our language, our history and how all this knowledge changes the mindset of it. It also learns about human feelings and emotions that form bonds of family and friendship. Its phenomenal to see how a creature understands and perceives humanity. Then the confusion that knowledge imparts on which side to choose when it learns both good and evil. It studies endearing humans within its vicinity which, despite being stranded, longs for being loved, to be one among the humans instead of worldly pleasure or vice. Thus, the creature chooses the good side of it. This provides a great insight to think that even a wretch, both horrid and repulsive by looks, has intense desire to love and be loved unconditionally. To me, this monster is a metaphor and it is explained brilliantly in great detail. Love does not go by looks. One needs to see what lies beneath. Once the monster makes an attempt to face the humans asking for shelter with pure intentions, it gets forsaken only to cause bitter hatred towards them. Thus, it decides to ravage its creator!

Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore, I am powerful!

What follows is a very tragic tale of despair and misery. Each chapter dwells deeper into the heart sickened by agony which any reader can easily relate. The description of sorrow is so painful that one begins to believe that there is no life without loved ones.

Mary Shelley is a brilliant narrator. She had an invaluable gift of story telling. Every chapter has passages and quotes that I will cherish forever. I have highlighted them in the book. It's amazing to think that a person can be filled with so many splendid thoughts and can put them forth using words! She wrote this novel at the age of nineteen which I think is extraordinary. It's amazing! So far, honestly, classical novels have never failed me. They always keep their promises. This one has taught me many things which I will never be able express here. The novel is a bomb, a stupendous poem of epic proportions that explodes your mind with unimaginable power. This is certainly a must-read-again book for me.

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