Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recent Reading Experience

What I really feel according to my recent reading experience is that, stories should only nudge your mind, not your heart. I mean, a story should carry intelligence, twists, etc. It should not be that, I should get emotionally attached to a book. Otherwise, it messes my mind and heart. I recently read Frankenstein and The Catcher of the Rye - both, excellent novels. Frankenstein, as described in my book review, is a fantastic novel. But its a very depressing story. It manipulated me in some way. I felt very low. Same is the case with The Catcher in the Rye. Its a sad monotonous novel about a secluded boy. There is never a doubt about the magnificence of these works. But, they made me emotionally crippled. It affected the real me. That's a huge problem. I stop being myself and start being someone else without even realizing it. Could you possibly see how confused I became in the swamp of mental distress? I lost control - the grip of being strong. I became fragile and weak emotionally, and thus leading to dilemma and dismay. I was trapped in the mist of melancholy and negative thoughts overpowered me continuously. Trust me, its terrible to go through this. I felt as if my life was taking its toll. I am writing these words now because I am gaining that lost strength, regaining my old self. I haven't picked up a book for the past four days as I was determined to take a break. I never knew this break would lead to this realization. I guess whatever happened, its good. It became my "Self realization exercise". It got best exercised now: when I am alone. Boy, books are indeed harmful!

Novels on detective science, mystery, crime, thrillers, adventures won't let me down if I find them really good. They deal only with the mind. They boost my spirits up to a great degree and the control is entirely held by my mind. It makes me ambitious to come up with something new, something creative. I had plans of reading Charles Dickens critically acclaimed novel: Great Exceptions and there is one classic by Russian author titled: Crime and Punishment. I guess I have to remove these books from my reading list to have a healthy and sound mind. Next reading stop: The Daughter of Time. I am feeling so much better having let all of this down here. Thank God! My blog saves me from many troubles. Whew!

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