Friday, September 28, 2018

The Choice In The Void

The Choice In The Void

The reason to fight
Against the geysers of
Frustration and fatigue
Is inflating into a giant balloon
While the emptiness is
Waiting, and watching anxiously:
To know whether it will be
Filled by happiness or sorrow.

Happiness is not a chance offered,
Nor a dice to play in the game of luck;
But a choice - a very conscious one,
That has to be made on what is wished for.
Because even in nothingness,
Like the ticking time bomb,
The moments could be lost, forever;
So it is the choice that decides
Whether those moments turn into
Priceless memories or worthless regrets.

The devil is a watchful predator
That is also consciously waiting
To pounce upon the void
And forge a throne for itself
With a sole purpose of
Hunting down the moments
And turning them into nightmares.

In spite of this awareness,
It's a hard choice to make!

(c) Amit Herlekar
Sept 27, 2018

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