Tuesday, September 18, 2018



It evokes great joy in my heart
When I keep watching you.
And if things were different
I would cross the oceans to marry you.

It's all about your gorgeous face
Carrying the most beautiful smile
That I am madly in love with.
Its overloaded with cuteness -
Those plumpy lips
Painted with a color of grace
Casts a shadow on your
Well-aligned teeth underneath.

I don't mind even if you think
We don't know each other.
Because it just doesn't matter.
Your ravishing smile tells me
Everything about you.
That you are the woman
With whom I want to spend
My whole life.

The thick dark hair of yours
Manage to flutter in the breeze
Without affecting the beauty
You are bestowed with,
Covering the groomed eyebrows
Which are trying to hide from me.

And what to say about your eyes!
Those big shiny black pearls of love.
They are the dazzling pair of gifts
Rolled down to you from heaven.
Those long curved eyelashes give
The right touch of glamour.
So the twinkle in your eyes is
A rare spectacle of elegance!

But as I examine you closely
I see that those magical eyes hide
All the sorrows of earthly life
And reflect the love you ask from a man.

The waves formed by your cuddly cheeks
Reflect the glint of shyness about you -
Exhibiting the innocence you wear
As the mark of great finesse!
And when you smile, they swell;
Tempting all the children around you
To squeeze them and then kiss them.

If I had met you for real,
I wouldn't have come up with this verse.
Because everything that has created you
Would have overwhelmed me so much
That I would have hardly succeeded
In expressing these words about you.
I am grateful that I am underwhelmed
For not seeing you in person
As it allowed me to write this song
Just by staring at the portraits of you.

Like goddesses and angels,
You are all around me.
On every wall of every room.
Accept this verse as a token of gratitude
For sharing your portraits with me
As they fill the gaps of loneliness with joy
And cure my insanity with your warmth.

I am so sad that we are far away
So this poor soul has only one request:
Please keep sharing your portraits.
I want to dream of you every day
For turning this illusion
Into a delusion of reality
As I live my life in them.
My heart knows that
Our love for each other
Lives on and on,

Sept 2018

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