Tuesday, April 21, 2020



Suffering from a heavy heart,
With a lump in the throat,
Drenched in sorrowful tears -
Are the lines of bygone years.
But the past  cannot be condemned
However bitter it might have been.
For it has taught many lessons
In the school of hard knocks.
Now the soul is flourished
Beyond the limits of misery.
It has outgrown mortal wounds
And transcended the common
Understanding of knowledge
With a courageous breakout
From the flesh of transient body
Confined in the sphere of illusion.
It has embarked upon a journey
Towards the Supreme One -
The infinite, the boundless,
The pervasive omniscience,
The ultimate truth of divinity
Which I am already a part of
Since the beginning of time
Until its endless weaving of life,
Where it resides forever and ever.

Inspired by the story of Jada Bharata and the philosophy of Hinduism.

April 21, 2020

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