Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wounded Heart

Hey, listen -
You've now made me melt
Until this moment, I was never felt
So rock solid I had been
Never such a thing was ever seen

I was once burdened by emotions so heavy
You were tainted by fake promises and lies
They came like unstoppable swords and stabbed me
Leaving us broken for the rest of our lives

Have you forgotten?
You were left dying all alone
For reasons being unknown
They showed only their cowardice
Of running away without justice

Don't worry -
Although the scars have still remained
I have healed myself over time
To fight pain, I stand firm again
Backed with strength up front in line

All I ask of you -
Don't make that same mistake
We can't fall apart yet again
Know the truth before its too late
That dreadful suffering, I can't endure again

1 comment:

  1. Amit,
    This is such a beautiful and well written piece. We all know what it is like to bear the burden and scars of broken hearts, broken, lives, and broken dreams. This speaks to anyone who has ever been afriad to carry on or try again.